Beautiful Labradorite, Delayed Birthday Present With a Message

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By Lady Tabitha

 Wednesday, 15 November 2023 - 16:00

A few days ago my husband surprised me with a beautiful Labradorite, and not just a small one, this one’s huge (21 x 12 x 7 cm /± 8 1/4 x 4 3/4 x 2 3/4 inches)!

It was a gift to make up for not having a special birthday this year.

Husband in hospitalHere’s the backstory. My birthday was ‘slightly’ ruined this year, due to the fact that my husband was in hospital.

There’s not much celebration going on when you’re racing back and forth between home and a hospital.

On the evening of my birthday he was having an operation, so I was more occupied with his situation than anything else.

My daughter sent me a super sweet birthday song to cheer me up that day, so I heard that about twenty times, while driving the car, which helped me get through the day without feeling too sad.

Making up for it

Luckily all went well and soon after, my husband came home and recovered within a few weeks.

And a few days ago, he told me that he had to run an errand and I was not allowed to join him.

I had no idea what he was up to, so he left and I didn’t really think anything of it.

One of the red roses he gave meWhen he came back, he was acting suspicious, for I wasn’t allowed to look and had to stay in the bedroom, until he joined me there.

First he gave me some beautiful red roses and a sweet birthday card. That was already so touching. 💌

Then he handed me a very heavy package. I jokingly asked if he had made a tiny thing heavy by adding a brick in the wrapping paper.

Well, it turned out that he didn’t, he just wrapped a stone! But not some ordinary stone, and definitely no brick.

Beautiful Labradorite

When I took off the wrapping paper, I saw this enormous, gorgeously beautiful Labradorite!

I had once seen it before, when we checked out a new crystal shop in Fuengirola. This beautiful Labradorite was in the window display of the shop, and I just loved it.

And my husband remembered, so he got it for me. Such a beautiful gift!

The energy of this crystal is so beautiful, warm, loving, and it didn’t take long before I saw several figures or beings, formed by the lines in the crystal.

One that really stood out was the one on the backside. It reminds me of a dragon. And that dragon energy is pretty powerful!

Meaning of Labradorite

Beautiful LabradoriteBefore I dive deeper into the dragon energy and the message the dragon had for me, I’d like to explain a bit about the meaning of Labradorite.

It’s a special stone that is considered to have a strong spiritual power.

It’s a crystal that can help you deal with big changes in your life, giving you the courage and strength to keep going.

The shiny, iridescent (also called labradorescent) colors may remind you of the Northern Lights, which adds to its magical reputation.

Labradorite can be helpful to spark your imagination and lead you to new ideas. It is also said to help you get over fears and bad feelings from the past.

It helps you to think more clearly and to feel more connected to the world around you. And not just the physical world.

Labradorite enforces your connection with the spiritual realm as well. Therefore, when it comes to meditation and spiritual matters, it’s a favorite stone for many.

It strengthens your ability to connect with energies on the other side, your soul, angels, guides, and beings like fairies and dragons, to name but a few.

And lastly, it’s like having a protective friend, because it keeps negative vibes away.

Message from the dragon

Knowing the work that I do, channeling, working with energies, connecting with higher realms, this gift couldn’t be more appropriate!

And then there’s the dragon inside this beautiful Labradorite. I just had to ask it what message it had for me.

Dragon image on the back of the LabradoriteAaah, I am so pleased that you saw me so quickly! You, dear one, are a dragon rider. You belong on the back of a dragon, enjoying the wind in your hair, feeling the power of a dragon’s body, and seeing the total lack of fear, the total lack of limitations, because a dragon knows its power, it knows its strengths, and it has always the availability of its fiery flames.

You are as powerful as a dragon. You don’t need to use flames, and as a matter of fact, we rarely use the flames either, it just looks impressive when we have smoke coming out of our nostrils or flames coming out of our mouths.

There is an important thing I want you to know. You are protected, you always are. And you have not just one dragon by your side, but there are more of us. There is Iowa, a female dragon, you’ve met her already, and she has the most gorgeous eyelashes and big eyes. And there’s Mortimer, your always ready to assist daily dragon, that never leaves your side, even if you’re not aware of his proximity.

We are always there, we guide you, we protect you, and you can ask us any questions always. We are the part of you that is so much stronger than you could have ever dreamed. And we want you to feel that power, you may visualize it as if you’re borrowing it from us, like it’s rubbing off on you, our strength, our fierceness, our power. But know that it’s all within you. YOU have the power, you ARE the power.

We are the constant reminders of that truth, to show you how powerful you are. Don’t ever feel small, because you’re anything but small.

We love you, I love you, and I am so happy that we’re together now. I’ve been looking forward to this time, even before you saw this beautiful Labradorite in the window of that shop. You, the Labradorite and I, and all other beings in it, that will introduce themselves later, are meant to be together.

We’re here. Always, from now until forever.

And so it is.

What an incredible message. I can feel the power of my dragons, and I’m looking forward to messages from the other beings I’ve discovered in this gorgeous crystal.

Maybe I’ll share those when I’ve channeled them.


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