Glastonbury Gathering With 14 Beautiful Like-Minded Souls

Photo: Lady Tabitha

By Lady Tabitha

 Wednesday, 25 October 2023 - 16:00

Gathering in Glastonbury

Me in Glastonbury AbbeyFive and half months ago, May 2023, I met with a group of like-minded people, all masters from the Sara Landon community, in Glastonbury (UK), where we spent a few days together.

The love, the fun, the atmosphere of non-judgmental acceptance, being able to be who you are without having to pretend to be something or someone else, or having to adjust to something that you’re not, was fairly new to me.

Of course, I have friends where I feel welcome and loved, but in my experience it’s not always completely without judgment. Whereas this group of people totally lacked every form of judgment, which was a breath of fresh air!

More friends in Asheville, NC, USA

Recently we’ve been to the USA for just a few days, for another meet-up with people from Sara’s community, in a group 2,5 times larger than the first gathering.

And I experienced exactly the same: So much love, so much joy, so totally unconditional and non-judgmental!

I’m writing this, because I found a channeled message that I received from my guides while I was in Glastonbury last May. And it’s so good, that I really want to share it.

Good morning, dear one, we are so pleased to be with you on this beautiful new day in your Glastonbury experience. We are seeing how much you enjoy this and how your love and especially self-love are expanding. Because, as you know, love and self-love are the most important things to learn and to expand.

When you are ‘in love’ or ‘in self-love’, you are free. That is the state in which you experience the depth of your human existence and the depth of Heaven on Earth. What you experienced yesterday, the love between you masters, was but a glimpse of what is to come for humanity.

The unity, the friendship, the acceptance, the gratitude, the equality, those are the things that await the awakened human family. The race of the past, to all be similar, look the same, feel the same, to fit in, is over.

Every human uniqueness will come out and will be celebrated and everyone will be loved for their uniqueness and everyone will be celebrated as if they were God themselves. Which they are, but didn’t realize. Now is the time for humanity to open their eyes and discover their uniqueness and their own divinity.

These are special and precious times! Rejoice, for Heaven on Earth is here, the promised land has opened its doors, paradise has come. And no-one had to do something to earn or deserve it, it’s your celestial inheritance.

Oh dear one, we couldn’t be happier than we are right now. Repeat that for yourself, as often as you can: “I couldn’t be happier than I am right now.” Because it’s the truth. You couldn’t. And yet you will see there’s always more! Not to need or want, not to long for, to look out for, no, it will come to you and it will surprise you, and it will blow your socks of haha. We are seeing you smile your beautiful smile and we know you know.

Live, love, laugh, you people often say that. We say love, love, love! It’s your only assignment. Love, love, love, and magic will flow to you and through you.

So, go about your new day and have fun!

And with that we are complete for now.

Change your thoughts…

Isn’t that a marvelous message? Program your mind by saying ‘I couldn’t be happier than I am right now‘, and don’t let your mind interfere with all the bogus arguments trying to tell you all the things that are ‘wrong’, ‘missing’, ‘unhappy’, etcetera, because in essence you are happiness, you are love, you are divine perfection.

Your mind can’t help that it doesn’t see that yet, it just looks at results from the past, not realizing that by focusing on negativity it just keeps repeating the same experiences over and over again.

Train your mind, thank it for doing its best to take care of your human, but let it know that you are taking back control and that you are going into a different direction.

A new direction, living a happy life, where you couldn’t be happier than you are right now, where you see the beauty of everything, instead of lack and limitations.

It’s a matter of beginning and ‘brainwash’ yourself with positivity, with love, with self-love, with acceptance of what is, accepting that all is well, no matter what it looks like, whether you understand it or not.

…and you’ll change your life

Beautiful waterfall in DuPont Forest, Asheville, N.C., USATrain your human mind to change the thoughts you think, to shift the feelings you have, it will lead you to a different life than you had up until now. Everything you see right now in your life, is what you created before this now-moment.

You’re looking ‘at the past’ so to speak. Begin right now with the creation of a new reality, a new world, a new life. Loving life, loving yourself, loving everything in your reality!

That is what my trips to Glastonbury and the USA have taught me: accept what is, and love the heck out of it!

You are in control of your life, only you, nobody else! You got this!

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