Dolphins: Discover the Profound Message I Received From Them


By Lady Tabitha

 Wednesday, 18 October 2023 - 16:00

jumping dolphin at seaIn our Channeling Circle of Wisdom community we spoke about the message I received from the seahorse, and I asked what else people would want me to tune in to. I then received a request to channel dolphins. So that’s what I did.

First I asked my guides:

What message do the dolphins have for us?

And this was their answer, which was funny, because my guides sort of gave an introduction to the conversation with the dolphins.

Dear one, we know you love dolphins. You enjoy watching them race through the water, you laugh and cheer when they jump out of the water, and you adore the sounds they make, wondering what kind of conversation they are having when they ‘speak’.

Well, here’s a message from your beloved dolphins, the kings and queens of the sea:

We love you so much, dear one, we are pleased that you are mentally visiting us. You have a great interest in the sea and the beings within it. We’ve heard the seahorses speak about you, and we tell you that you are well known within the waters of the planet.

You must know that we are creatures with high vibrational ways of communication. Our sounds may sound cute to you, but they’re highly effective in communicating with each other, as well as with other creatures! Our communication is of a higher level, much higher than human communication through language.

Your species, we don’t mean any disrespect, but your species has these high thoughts of themselves, as if humans are better, more intelligent, smarter, more capable of anything than any other being on planet Earth, and we tell you that thinking like that is a huge mistake.

We, the dolphins, and so many other sea animals, are very aware of our environment. We would never destroy our own habitat, but humans do. Humankind has a tendency to destroy every area where they set foot, polluting it, breaking the beauty of nature, by taking whatever it is they see, without asking, without ever considering the consequences of their actions. Leaving little other but garbage and destruction.

We know, many people want it to be different, and many do genuinely try. But humankind has been so unaware up until recently, living so unconscious, that they can hardly see what they’re doing. Only a few people are really aware of their actions. And we, our whole family of dolphins, are here to share our wisdom, our knowledge, and even our language with you.

More people than you know are beginning to use light language, we know you are very familiar with it. But did you know that there are people speaking Dolphinian? They speak OUR language, without even knowing it.

We are eagerly looking at humanity to wake up, to become aware of their actions, and finally change it and begin to live consciously, in the full knowing that the planet is evolving around action and reaction.

We know this isn’t the happy cheerful message you hoped to receive, but it isn’t too bad, is it?

We love humanity, we play with humans, we make them laugh, we entertain them when we encounter them. It is however time for change. And thank you, dear one, for being a way-shower, for being a guiding light and shining your light, to show humanity where to go from here.

We love you, we love all of humanity, and we have faith in that whatever happens, it is all well. It’s all for the highest good of Mother Earth, humanity, the animals, plants and trees, and thus for us dolphins as well.

Thank you for spending some time with us. We love you very much. We are complete.

All energy communicates

Isn’t that a remarkable message? I had to read it several times over, because I could hardly believe that this was what I received from the dolphins themself.

I truly hope you enjoyed this message, and feel free to suggest other energies that I could channel. It doesn’t always have to be animals, it could be anything, including the energy of houses, of electricity, of water, really, everything is energy and all energy can convey messages!

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