1st Beautiful Ceremonial Cacao Experience and Coming Horribly Late


By Lady Tabitha

 Sunday, 22 May 2022 - 19:45

Today was a very special day, full of adventures and surprises happening for me. Today I was about to experience Ceremonial Cacao for the very first time, and I would be connecting with my soul, on a very deep level. But let’s start at the beginning!

How it all started

About two weeks ago I felt guided to sign up for a special event, called the ‘Soul Connection Experience’, with Ceremonial Cacao, Light Language and a Quantum Meditation. Deborah, whom I’ve only met once before, organized it, and I was very much looking forward to what she was going to offer.

Yesterday I received an email with the address of the location where it would be held, and it was a yoga studio called ‘Wings of Wellness’. And little did I know that I was about to go on a flight into the highest vibration!

yoga matsI did say to my husband last night, that the experience would be about 2,5 hours long, and after reading the email I understood that we would be sitting on yoga mats during the session. This did make me a bit worried, since I tend to get back aches sitting on the floor for longer periods of time.

But I let it go and stayed open to whatever would happen, sitting on a mat, a chair, or whatever.

Blocked, blocked, blocked

Today I got up in time. I would have to drive 45 minutes, but I left ten minutes earlier, to be sure that I would be on time.

I opened Google Maps for the directions, and saw that on my normal route there was a part of the road blocked. But not to worry, I knew where to get on the road a bit further, so that’s where I drove to.

Hm… that entrance point had a police car blocking the road. Well, I knew where the next driveway up the road is, so I drove further, across our neighboring city, only to find more police and road blockages.

Instead of getting stressed about it, what I would usually do, I thought to myself ‘that’s interesting, Let’s see what happens next!’ So I made a U-turn, and drove to the next entrance to this road. By this time I was already half an hour underway. And I really hoped that I would find this third entrance to be open.

bicycle raceUnfortunately, it wasn’t. It was there that I saw that there was a bicycle race going on on that main road, so all I could do was make another U-turn, drive all the way back home, drive past our neighborhood and take the coastal route.

I sent a voice message to Deborah that I would probably be about an hour late, because it was already quarter to ten!

Halfway back, there was an enormous touring car blocking a roundabout, because he couldn’t make the turn at once, so that took another five minutes.

No stress, let it be

I decided to put on some music on Spotify, and continue the playlist that I had started a few days earlier. The music started with ‘Let it be’ from the Beatles, which happens to be my favorite band of all time. This song was no coincidence, it was a message from my soul: let it be, no stress, no worries, just let it be.

My soul had started to take the lead already, even though for a moment it had felt as if my soul didn’t want me to connect because of all the obstacles 😛. But as I always receive in my channelings: everything happens for you, so I let it be.

navigationI received a call back from Deborah to see whether or not it would still be possible for me to join, when Google Maps showed that I was going to be there in 28 minutes, and we agreed that I would be on time for the ceremonial cacao and the deep meditation.

I put the pedal to the metal and enjoyed the rest of the ride, singing along loudly to old songs that contain sweet childhood memories for me. I arrived a little over half an hour later than the event had started, and almost immediately Deborah started the Ceremonial Cacao transmission.

What is Ceremonial Cacao?

Let me first tell something about Ceremonial Cacao. As was explained today, Ceremonial Cacao is pure, organic cacao, grown with love and respect for the plant by the indigenous people of Central and South America. It still contains the cacao butter and all other natural ingredients, because it’s minimally processed. But it contains more than that.

It also contains the wisdom of the indigenous people that grow and harvest the cacao, as well as the wisdom of their ancestors. Since everything is energy and everything is One, it therefore also contains our own ancient wisdom and the wisdom of our own ancestors, as well as the wisdom of the plants.

The Ceremonial Cacao is used as a means to help your body raise the vibration, and to enable an easier connection with the Wisdom, with Source, Higher Self, your Guides, your Soul, i.e. everything on the other side of the veil.

We all received a cup with unsweetened chocolate milk made of almond milk and Ceremonial Cacao.

Ready for take-off

Ceremonial CacaoAnd while I made the spiritual connection with the cacao, I grounded myself, going from my head into my heart, letting the bright Light of Source enter my body through the crown chakra, flowing through my body all the way down, and exiting through the soles of my feet, deep into Mother Earth.

From there the Light went up again through my body, back where it came from. I was grounded, connected to spirit and Gaia, and ready to leap into wherever the Quantum Meditation would take me!

My cup was empty, so I put it on the ground and went to lay down on the yoga mat. Due to coming late, I had only sat on the mat for about ten minutes. I now understood why I had manifested coming late!

After the other women, we were with five, had laid down, Deborah started the Quantum meditation.

The cacao was doing it’s job, my vibration got higher, we took three deep breaths and slowly but surely the meditation took me deep into the vast blackness where time and space don’t exist.

To be continued… (click here to read part 2)

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