Dance With My Soul and Getting Profound Messages


By Lady Tabitha

 Monday, 23 May 2022 - 11:00

As I wrote in the previous blog, I was experiencing Ceremonial Cacao for the first time, in a ‘Soul Connection Experience’. This is the sequel, where I tell you how I experienced the meditation and what happened afterwards.

Going into the blackness

When the meditation started, we were directed into the blackness. Most of us who are doing some sort of spiritual work, are usually focused upon the Light.

But I’ve been practicing being in the blackness, and discovering that I AM the blackness, the Void, the Field of infinite possibilities. So going into the blackness wasn’t scary or strange to me.

The only thing I had a bit of a struggle letting go, was the image of the room I was in. In the beginning I kept seeing the room I was in, and Deborah and the other women, in my mind’s eye.

grey / soulBut after a while the colors of the room faded and turned into grey and while the meditation continued the grey got darker and darker, until everything was dissolved into the blackness.

At the beginning of the meditation, I felt my body, lying on the floor on a yoga mat. Every part of the body was then addressed and told to release all tension and relax.

So the deeper I got into it, the less I felt my body. And the sense of lying on the floor disappeared. It was more like I was floating in water, weightless.

Experiencing the blackness felt at first as if I was surrounded by the stars and planets, at some point I even saw galaxies, but eventually it all faded away.

Ascending to the surface

I don’t recall when exactly, but suddenly I was in the darkness of the deep sea, way deep into an ocean and I started to go up. The ascending went pretty quick and I started to see a glow, and it got bigger and bigger the higher I got.

Until I recognized this glow, which turned into something light and bright… it was my Soul. And my Soul was waiting for me, and when I got closer we melted together and started to swirl in the water of that ocean.

The swirls went fast, like dolphins or whales dancing through the water, it was a beautiful dance. And the amazing thing was, that I was observing it from a distance, while at the same time I was the one dancing with my soul, or maybe I even was my dancing Soul.

Messages from my Soul

And then the downloads started. My Soul started talking to me, and I heard clearly everything it said: “Remember, remember, remember who you are! You are the Light, you are the Oneness, you are the Isness of all, you are the Everything and the Nothing, you are the blackness, you are, you A-R-E, you are the I AM, there’s nothing but you. You are the creator!”.

closing doorMy Soul started to show me images, things from the past. A nightmare I once had, 21 years ago, when I was visiting my uncle in Australia. I woke up in the middle of the night, screaming, because I dreamed that I was being locked up in a kind of sea container.

I only saw a strip of light, getting thinner and thinner while the door was closing, and around me it was pitch black. It was so scary, that I still remember that image and how it felt.

But now my Soul showed me, that back then already, it was calling me, but I didn’t know what it was, it just scared the hell out of me. However, now I know, finally 😉.

Another thing my Soul made very clear, is that I have to listen and be open to receive and experience the signals it’s giving me all the time. It’s always guiding me, it’s always showing me and telling me things, but I need to “Listen, listen, listen!”.

We are all connected, we are One

Then it showed me the image of the room I was in, and I saw the Souls of the other five women in the room, right above their heads. And all the Souls were connected, as if they were holding hands.

And my Soul then showed me how we are all One, how we are all connected, not just us six women in the meditation, but every human and every Soul on the planet. We are all connected, we are all energy, we are billions of Souls connected into One, like the water drops that form the oceans.

Then it told me to have no more fear, that I can let go of all fears that I still have, no matter how big or small. And it urged me to give all my fears to it, and I focused all my fears into a sort of package, like a parcel ready to be shipped, even with a string of rope tied around it.

And I gave this package to my Soul. I got rid of all fears, I had to leave it there, in the blackness, in the ‘hands’ of my Soul.

The vortex

whirlwindAround that time Deborah started to slowly drum on a djembé, and when the rhythm of her drumming accelerated, I started to see a vortex, like an elephant trunk tornado.

It turned slowly but along with the beat of the djembé, the vortex started to become more powerful, turning faster and faster and it connected to my physical body.

The moment Deborah said that we were to come back into our physical bodies, the vortex entered my head. Suddenly the vortex disappeared, along with the blackness, and I was back in my body, feeling my body lying on the yoga mat.

It was an amazing, marvelous, out of this world experience! I was in such a high vibration, and it lasted the rest of the day!

And that brings me to my journey back home, which had another adventure in store for me. As you know, everything always happens for you. This was no exception. What happened?

You can read it in the final part of this trilogy. (Click here to go to the final part)Bef…

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