Energetic Currency: When Money Talks, What Does It Say?

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By Lady Tabitha

 Wednesday, 1 November 2023 - 16:00

Weesp, the Dutch town I grew up inGrowing up we didn’t have a lot of money and back in the seventies hardly anyone had any knowledge about the energetic currency that money actually is.

My dad was a ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ guy in his younger years, going from one job to the next. And my mother was always juggling to make ends meet with the money he brought in.

She did a great job, and only in recent years have I learned to understand how she did it. Before I got that, her money managing skills never rubbed off on me.

When I started on my channeling path, I was curious about what the energy of money would have to share with me. There was all this talk about being abundant, but I didn’t see any abundance in the bank account. It felt like I was missing something.

Therefore I asked: “What does Money want me to know?”

What the energy of money wants to share

The answer was short, but has taught me a valuable lesson, which I will gladly share with you below.

We love you! We love you so much and we want you to know that we are you and you are us! There is no separation. You are money! So you have all the money you need and more! Trust that we show up when you need us. Use money, bless money, be grateful for money, spend it with a light heart and give it with love from your heart. You yourself are the soul of money!

Once you understand that, feel it in every cell of your body, you will discover that ‘needing money’ is always coming from lack and a sense of separation. You cannot be separated from that which you ARE! Remember what the Council said: “Galore, galore, you have everything you need and more”. In fact, you ARE everything you need and more. Know this and you’ll see it manifested in your physical reality.

Money is energy, YOUR energy. Don’t resist it, or else you’ll resist yourself. Accept it, open and allow, the money will flow to you, effortlessly and easily.

Accept, open and allow. It’s all here for you and it always has been!

It’s all You, there is nothing ‘outside’

It takes a mind-shift to understand this. You have to be willing to see that there really is nothing outside of you. All there is, is an extension of the Real You, the Divine You, Source energy, God.

When you get to that point, that you begin to acknowledge and accept that there is only Love, there is only You, and that you are the creator of All There Is, then you begin to get a bit of a grasp of the reality of money as well.

Energetic currency

Balance between giving and receivingThe coins and bills are nothing but metal and paper, but they hold an energy, the energy of money. The currency of exchange, the currency or energy of giving and receiving. That is the essence of money!

You are that essence, you are the one in charge of giving and receiving. And when you get clear on that, you begin to see a shift in the money stream. It will begin to flow to you, because you create a flow through you.

And that is all you need! Allow it to flow through you, and it will manifest in your physical reality.

Not only in the form of money, but in the form of balance between giving and receiving. You will begin to see that you can exchange that energetic currency in so many other ways than just with money.

The energetic currency can be exchanged in the form of service, of labor, in an exchange of goods, food or clothes. It doesn’t always have to be a monetary exchange in dollars or euros.

The energy of money has an energetic currency, it’s about the exchange of energy, and it shows itself in many different forms!

Change your perspective and experience profound abundance

Abundance will show up, in many different waysWhen you begin to see that, when you allow it in, into your reality, you’ll begin to experience a different form of abundance than you could have ever imagined!

It may not flood your bank account (although chances are it will), but you will definitely feel the abundance, the prosperity, in so many different ways, by so many wonderful exchanges between you and other people and the companies you’re dealing with.

Open and allow for it to happen. See the energy of money, the exchange of an energetic currency that can’t be contained in just bills and coins, and see that it’s all you!

Love it, use it, and allow it to show up in your reality!

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