Enchanting Seahorses and Their 1 of a Kind Powerful Message


By Lady Tabitha

 Wednesday, 11 October 2023 - 16:00

Reading the title, you may think that’s weird. How can a seahorse give a message?

Being a channel, the messages I receive are often pretty serious of nature. So every now and then I look for some fun, something different.

Channeling is tuning into frequencies

tuning in to radio frequenciesChanneling is a beautiful way to ask questions and receive answers from a higher perspective. It’s a way to communicate with beings and energies that reside in higher realms.

Since everything is energy, everything has its/their own specific frequency, you can tune in to anything, like you tune in to a radio frequency to hear your favorite radio show!

Channeling doesn’t always have to involve spirit as in energies from the ‘other side’. So you can have a conversation this way with anything or anyone.

A friend of mine once channeled her vacuum cleaner, which resulted in a wonderful message that was fun but also had some really serious things to share.

Conversation with a seahorse

In a conversation in my Channeling Circle of Wisdom community, someone brought up a seahorse. Those funny looking tiny fish (yes, I checked, they’re really fish!).

So I decided to tune in to a seahorse and ask it what it wanted to share with humanity.

And this is what it had to say:

Dear human, thank you for reaching out to me, to us, the tiny seahorses in the sea. I love it, and so do all the other seahorses. We are so happy when we are seen, even though most of us are so tiny and difficult to spot. That you take the time to have a word with us, is like a treasure. We love it and we love you for it.

You want to know if we have any kind of message for you. Well, we would really love for humans to stop putting all that plastic in the sea. We are fully aware that anything unnatural will be dissolved by Mother Gaia in time, but for some of us there isn’t that much time, we are not living long enough to overcome that period of dissolving. So we kindly request for you all to use less plastics, and to be more careful with what you throw out. There is so much falling into the waters, which end up in the oceans, and it’s too bad for my fellow seahorses.

But on a more positive note, we just want you to know that we love it when we feel seen. That is the main thing for us. We are the seahorses, but we are related to the dragons, as you pointed out so well a short while ago. And that dragon energy is what attracts most people to us. They sense the dragon energy, they sense the power that is in our tiny bodies, because we are powerful as tiny as we are! And we’re smart, we’re very smart, and that is why we are able to maintain our population, despite pollution.

We have no other message for you, right now. We are just happy that you chose us to have a word with. We look forward to a next time, and who knows, maybe we’ll have a more profound message for you then. Never underestimate a seahorse, we’re the dragons in disguise, and we’re powerful. Note that!

Sending you love and blessings. We are complete.

It’s so much fun to be able to communicate with anything anywhere, and as you see, within the fun there’s always some serious message attached to it.

Open for suggestions or ideas

If you have any suggestions of things you’d like to read a message from, just let me know in the comments, I might give it a go and tune in to that!

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