Message From the Angels?


By Lady Tabitha

 Friday, 28 January 2022 - 11:51

A couple of days ago I channeled a message from The Wisdom about angels. It was a very interesting message which had me thinking a lot about angels. Funny thing is, that after that message I started seeing double digits more often than I normally already do.

Yesterday I noticed 11:11 on my alarm clock, later I noticed 13:13 on my computer. Today I made the bed and when I looked on the alarm clock it said 10:10. I thought to myself ‘maybe it’s time I tried to channel the angelic realm’, but being busy with little chores in the house I forgot about it as soon as I left the bedroom.

Then I sat myself behind my computer to do some administrative work, and when I looked at my phone that was lying on my desk, I saw the time switch from 11:10 to 11:11! Okay, I got the message!

I took my notebook. wrote down the date, January 28th 2022, and I asked “What does the Angelic realm want me to know?”. This is the answer I received:

Dearest human, we are so pleased that you call on us! We’ve been sending you messages for days now and finally you respond. Seeing the double digits, as you’ve been seeing a lot these days, means that we want to connect with you.

The archangels, the guardian angels, they are all rooting for you and they are all excited to see your progress. And we want to connect with you, share our wisdom with you.

We would like you to take on the verbal channeling again, because that way we can talk faster than when you write. For now writing is okay. We’ve got no specific message today, we just wanted your attention and see whether or not you would respond to our signals. Thank you for doing that.

We love you, so much more than you could ever imagine. And with that we are complete for now.

Ok, that message was clear. More verbal channeling it will be as of today!

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