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By Lady Tabitha

 Saturday, 12 March 2022 - 10:00

Last night was a strange night, starting with high and ending with low energy. I had a Zoom call with Sara Landon and our Masters Class group, but because I was late with preparing dinner, the call had already started while I went into the kitchen to make our meal.

While cooking I listened to the call.

zoom callAfter dinner was ready and we sat down at the dining table to eat, I put my phone in a stand on the table, so that I could keep watching and listening to the Zoom call. My husband seemed to have no problem with it, and even after dinner we stayed at the dining table and both listened to what was being said on the call.

At one point my husband decided that he was done listening and put on the television to watch a series, with his headphones on. After a while I took my phone plus stand to my desk and kept listening. It was quite a long call, which had started at 9pm our time.

Around 11pm the ‘official’ part of the call was ended, but it kept going on as a community call, where the participants could interact with each other. It’s always a delight to be on those calls. We get the chance to ask questions, do some verbal channeling or channeled meditations. And the energy is always so beautiful, that usually it’s hard for me to leave.

Change of energy

And yesterday was no exception. Around 11.30pm someone started doing a meditation, and it was so lovely. But then, during that meditation, my husband came to me. He had finished watching TV and started talking to me. Only I was in that meditation.

So I looked up quickly and said ‘sorry, I’m in a meditation’, so he left and went to his own desk which is temporarily in another room, due to some DIY work he’s doing in our office room.

After the meditation I stayed on for a bit, but right before midnight I left the call. I had been on for nearly three hours, and even though I had loved to be immersed in the wonderful energy of the call, spending time with my ‘tribe’, a group of like-minded people, I felt a bit sorry for my husband. After all, I had been occupied all evening with the call.

I decided to keep him company in the other room, until we would go to bed. And somehow he didn’t respond to my being there the way I expected. So quite out of the blue, at least to me, we had a bit of a falling out, which made me leave and return to my own desk.

When we went to bed, the atmosphere wasn’t much better, but we went to sleep without speaking about it.

So this morning I still felt a bit unsettled about what happened. And I decided to ask for a channeled message, hoping to alleviate this lower vibration feeling that I woke up to.

This was the message I received, and yes, I feel much better now!

Welcome, welcome, dear friend, we are so delighted to be with you again on this beautiful new morning. We want to encourage you again to be in the now-moment.

We’ve seen your little falling out, and we know you feel hurt. But the hurt only stays as long as you keep thinking about it. Don’t keep yourself in that energy, it’s not worth it.

You know, things happen between humans. And of course we also [saw what happened (TD: edited for privacy reasons)] We have no judgment about that, and we encourage you to drop your judgment of it as well.

There is no use to it, to keep dragging the old feelings into the now. Just focus on the love between the two of you, and accept that sometimes things go ‘wrong’. They are not actually wrong, they are just two ego’s clashing. That’s it.

So come back to the now-moment and accept what has happened, get out of the resistance and the feeling of having to tell him how you felt, because he knows. You don’t have to tell him explicitly.

Try your best to make today a good day, and do that by doing something you like, maybe go out of the house for a few hours. You two are staying indoors so much, and we understand why.

We get that you have the feeling that there is so much to be done. But you know by now, that pushing and efforting, forcing and ‘doing’ isn’t always the best option.

As Sara said yesterday, let the energy flow and just follow the energy. Get into the highest vibration you can reach, and only THEN take action, inspired action.

If you don’t feel like doing something, and the energy isn’t there, which will make it a pushing of energy to force yourself to do something, then it will never work out the way you want.

Only take action if the energy is right. Only make decisions if the energy is right. Never go back to the old ways of efforting and ‘shoulds and shouldn’ts’.

Just go where the energy leads you. And only then, only then, take action or make decisions. That will be the most harmonious, effortless way of living, and the results will be so much better than when you do it the old way. Don’t drag the old into the new, don’t drag the past into the now.

That is our message to you, dear friend. And with that we are complete.


While writing this article for my website, I received the Note from the Universe in my mailbox (if you’re not yet subscribed to that I recommend you do!). It said:

In all battles of the heart over the mind, go with your heart.

Because, truly, Tabitha, it’s a lot easier for your mind to catch up with your heart, than for your heart to catch up with your mind. A whole lot.

And with that as the perfect ending of this blog, I am complete 😉 .

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