The Wisdom: Exciting Name Change

By Lady Tabitha

 Wednesday, 3 January 2024 - 16:00

In the last live Zoom call I hosted in 2023, I was asked if there isn’t a shorter name, or an abbreviation, for ‘the Collective Consciousness of All That Is’. I had no idea, I’ve asked it in channel before and I always got the answer that this is the name to use, so I did.

But things are changing. I myself have changed over the course of the last couple of years since I started channeling, and there are more new people coming in that read the messages and that enter our community.

Who are ‘they’?

So I thought ‘let’s ask again’. Which I did, and I received a surprising answer!

Dear one, we understand how you are searching for a different name to address us. We know you know very well that we are not beings, that we are energy, that we are wisdom collected from all of you, from all of the Universe, and that we are not beings with faces, voices or bodies.

We also understand how you are looking for an easier, specifically shorter name to call us, which would be more convenient for your website, your calls, your business, and for speaking our words.

We want you to know that the words you write, the words you speak, the words you hear, that are coming from us, are actually your own words. You see, we are you, and you are us. So you can keep using the long name ‘the Collective Consciousness of All that Is’ or you could call us ‘The Wisdom’.

I was smiling when that came through 😃.

The Wisdom

We see you like that name. So, you can call us, from now on, ‘The Wisdom’. Ask ‘The Wisdom’. We feel perfectly okay with that name, because it is exactly describing who and what we are.

We – as we explained, we use ‘we’ to distinct ourselves from you, using ‘I’, but there is no ‘we’ in the literal sense of the word – we are the wisdom, the consciousness, the vault with all wisdom that has been collected by the collective of creation, and all that is.

So yes, we encourage the use of our new name ’The Wisdom’.

My word for 2024?

I had a second question for The Wisdom: Can you give me a word for next year? What word should my focus be on? And they answered that as well, as follows:

Your word for next year. We saw you dabbling with ’integrity’, which is a good word in itself, but we want you to focus on ‘expansion’.

My friend Julie, who is also a channel,  got the word ‘more’ for 2024, and The Wisdom addressed that.

As Julie said ‘more’, it’s a similar word, but ‘expansion’ is even bigger than just ‘more’. Expansion is your word for 2024. And yes, the Expansion of 2024 will bring you more and more. So there you are. Both questions answered.

We love you, we love you, we love you, and with that, we wish you happy days, and love to celebrate, and we are done for now.

Then I asked one last question: Do you still want to end every channeled message with ‘We are the Collective Consciousness of All that Is’ or will you change that too, with ‘We are The Wisdom’?

If it makes you feel better to use the latter, we will end our messages from now on with ‘We are The Wisdom’. And with that we are complete.

So as of now, they will sign off with ‘The Wisdom’. As I said, things have changed and will continue to change. 2024 Is going to be an exciting year, a year of ‘expansion’!

I’m ready to jump in head-first. What about you, are you ready for 2024, to receive all there is for you? Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are about the new name!

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