How to Deal With Someone Sending You Rude Emails?


By Lady Tabitha

 Friday, 4 February 2022 - 12:11

For the last couple of days someone has been sending me several very rude emails. The tonality was disturbing me, they were trying to boss me around, ordering me to do things, ordering me to respond, and it upset me.

So I did respond. As polite as I could manage, I sent them an email in response and told them that I will not let them order me to do things and that I’m normally more than willing to help, but that in this case I will not. Lastly I asked them to stop emailing me.

Their reply was no real surprise, although I had hoped that my email would make them aware of their rudeness towards me. But no, they didn’t get the underlying message. Too bad. But this made me feel even worse.

Asking help from ‘the other side’

So I connected with whomever came through. I guess it was my Higher Self. I asked: “Why does this person bother me?”

This is the message I received:

Dear one, we know your frustration and we see how you project the messages you get from her on yourself. Please, don’t do that. Remember what the Council always says, NOTHING is worth your heaven on earth, so let this person not rob you of your happiness and the good feeling you’ve had tonight.

It would have been better if you hadn’t responded to her emails, but we get where you come from, and we have no judgment on the fact that you did message her back. We just suggest that if someone triggers you, you do not respond at all. Ever.

Let them be, ignore them, and don’t let them drag you into the density of their own frustrations. Know your worth, know that you are not responsible for how they feel. They are. Not you. You are only responsible for yourself.

So, take a deep breath…. Hold for a while, and let the air flow slowly out of your body.
Take another deep breath, and let the feelings of frustration drop away, they dissolve without a second thought.

Take another deep breath, and see the light from above you, the light from Source, from All that Is, enter your crown chakra, and let it slowly go down through your third eye chakra, your throat chakra, your heart chakra, further down through your solar plexus chakra, your sacral chakra and your root chakra… all the way down to your knees, your feet, and further outside your body into the earth.

Let Gaia absorb all the negativity that you felt just moments ago, and let it dissolve without being bothered about it. Stay in the now moment, and forget that this happened. Delete that email, and sent that person love and kindness, hoping that she will find solace in herself one day.

There is nothing you can do about how other people act and respond. All you can do is send your love, spread it to the world, surround you with light and love, and know that you are a master of light, and that nothing is worth your light, nor your paradise, your heaven on earth.

Always be aware of yourself and your own emotions and steer clear of negativity that tries to drag you into the density of the 3D world, the third dimension.

We love you and we are so happy that you turned to us for help and advice. You knew within yourself already what you had to do. All the wisdom is already inside of you. We are only helping you to remind you. Remind you of the real you, the you that is divine, infinite, omnipresent, and eternal.

We love you, we love you, we love you. And with that we are complete.

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