The fog of love and why we?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, February 24, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear reader, we are happy to speak to you again on this beautiful day. Have you noticed any difference in energy? Or have you dismissed it as ‘spiritual nonsense’? Or are you still not so sure, what to think of it?

Blanket of fog

fogWe have seen a wave of love spread across the globe in recent days. It was a beautiful sight, and we wish you could have witnessed it with your physical eyes.

It was impressive how it emerged, like a dense sea fog slowly moving inland, only to envelope everything in a thick fog. A fog filled and saturated with love.

Remember that this is only the beginning of the changing energy, and that this is a process that will continue. Keep sending love to everything. When you see something that makes you sad, or you think of things that trigger fear, or frustration… send it love.

You, from your humanity, can never determine whether or not something is good for someone else. Not even for yourself.

You have no vision of the bigger picture

We always say that things happen for you, by which we mean that things only happen because there is something in it that benefits you. This can be emotional growth, or it can be a prelude to a situation that you want.

You can never oversee the purpose of certain events. In the same way, you can never oversee what the underlying purpose is of situations that happen to others, whether in a small or large way.

Need for spirituality

Think of the corona crisis, or wars, or the threat of war… even if you think things are bad, you cannot oversee what the greater purpose is. Because of the crisis that the world has gone through in the last two years, a huge awakening has started.

prayingPeople who are afraid of losing their lives tend to start praying, to seek the spiritual. When in particular do people start praying? When they’re in need!

That alone is what this crisis has brought about, that more people have started looking for answers from spirit, whether they call it God or Source, or something else.

Only on request

And from the spiritual world, help may only be given when you ask for it, when people ask for it. Angels are always there, but they will never help you unsolicited, or do anything for you unsolicited.

They have the greatest respect for your free will, for your right to decide for yourself which way you want to go. And whether or not you want help with that.

helpWe can tell you that in the past two years there has been an enormous rush of requests from people for help, for assistance in their suffering, in whatever field. And slowly people are beginning to see that this is a good development.

This contributes to the fact that more and more people are beginning to realize that they are much more than just a body with a controlling brain. And a consequence of this awakening is the wave of love that is now sweeping over the earth, affecting more and more people.

Why ‘we’?

Finally, we would like to answer a question we get frequently: why do we as Collective Consciousness speak in the we-form?

As we’ve said many times before: we are you, you are us, everything is Source. No one is separate from Source, although in your physical world it seems to be. In reality, everything is one. Yet we speak in the we-form, because this is more understandable for you as a human being.

When we would speak in the I-form, your brain immediately assumes that there is another ‘person’ speaking to you. Your brain wants to attach a name, preferably with a face. That’s how your brain works, you want to be able to pigeonhole things.


separateIn doing so, you immediately create limitations and boundaries. While we, like the real you, are infinite. We do not have a body, we are energy. Your body is materialized energy, and in reality not really physical.

By speaking as ‘we’, we give your brain the space to let go of what personality or face would belong to us. We speak as a collective, as energy. And to communicate with you, we use the language and vocabulary of the one who is channeling us.

Our message is important

boxesAs soon as you limit yourself and put things in a box, you’re no longer objective, you’re no longer open, you tend to reject things more quickly.

Our message is far too important. We want you to see who YOU are, that is much more important than who ‘we’ are!

We hope to have given you a little more clarity. We do not use ‘we’ and ‘you’ to create separation, we use this because your language, and this applies to all languages on earth, is limited in its expression.

Again, we are you, you are us, everything is one, everything is Source, the Source energy.

We are the Collective Consciousness of All that Is. And with that we are complete for today.

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