The Shift and Worldwide Meditation


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, February 22, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear reader, on this beautiful new day. You may not realize it, but today is energetically a special day. It’s the 22nd of the 2nd of 2022… Planet Earth and humanity are on the eve of a great shift, a change.

Shift in energy

shift dark to lightThis shift involves the energy on Earth, and it will be moving in a new direction starting today. Things are going to happen within you, but therefore also in what you experience as your outside world. This shift is necessary to protect humanity, and the planet, from things that could be your downfall.

As you can see for yourself, there’s a lot going on in the world, and to lead all of this in the right direction, a shift of energy is necessary.

Dense energy gives way to Light energy

The energy on Earth is very heavy right now. There is a lot of fear, anger, frustration, and this leads to an enormous dense, almost impenetrable energy. This has to change, and that starts today. There will be air again, you will have more breathing room, possibly you will even literally experience this, that it is lighter to breathe.

The Light will become more visible, and people will regain hope and more confidence. Confidence in a positive outcome, confidence in the future. A future in which it’s possible to live in freedom, and in harmony with each other and the animal world.

Waiting for the ‘savior’?

saviorWe were recently asked if humanity needs a ‘savior’, and who or what that should be. Our answer to that question is simple: no, humanity doesn’t need a savior. You are your own savior. You, as the spiritual being that you really are, Consciousness, Source, you are your own savior.

And in fact, no one needs to be saved, because nothing is broken. Everything that happens, happens because it’s in line with what had to happen in order for you to go in a certain direction. The direction that you’ve already mapped out before your human existence.

However, the current energetic density is becoming too heavy, causing some people to experience panic, which is not necessary. So from our side, from Source, a new energy has been tapped, and as of today, it’s being released all over the planet, palpable to all.

Don’t expect great miracles, it starts subtle, but it will be unmistakably felt.

Meditation and connection in Love

We therefore want to invite you to invest time in a meditation today. A meditation to connect with Love, peace, harmony, togetherness, cooperation, with all people on earth, so that your collective energy stretches a network of Love across the earth.

love heartsAs you know, Love is the strongest positive force there is. Your origin is Love, and everything exists in Love.

So take a few minutes to half an hour to focus your attention fully on Love. Feel love, even if you’re only thinking of your nearest and dearest. Feel in your heart how it fills with love and let that love flow as a bright light through your whole body, and then radiate all around you, through your whole house, through your street, through your town…

Radiate the light of Love throughout your province, throughout your country, and radiate it throughout your continent and then throughout the planet, and then throughout the Milky Way, to finally illuminate the entire Universe with Love!

Worldwide connection

worldwide connectionExperience yourself how you are the creator in your creation, by connecting with Love and with each other, by doing this together. Worldwide there are millions of people doing the same. Feel the Love that connects you!

Keep focusing on Love, on connection, on the beautiful things in life, and even if it is only for one day: forget about the misery that has been dragging down the energy in the world for far too long.

We love you, we love every human being, and we joyfully watch the network of Love unfolding across the planet today.

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete for now.

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