Oneness: Manifesting Dreams Through Merging Energies in Joy

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By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, April 11, 2024 - 04:00 pm

The following message about oneness came through in a channeling session with a friend and it’s so powerful, that I want to share it.

Welcome, welcome dear ones, we are so happy to be with you. We enjoy the happiness, the laughter, the fun, the stories. It’s always a pleasure to have your two energies merge, ’cause that’s what happens.

Discover it’s all one and it’s all you

merger of energiesYour energy merges into one. When you feel so joyful, what you in actuality are experiencing is the oneness, the oneness that you and her are one and the same.

It’s a merger of emotions, of vibrational frequency. That is what this whole life is all about. Discovering that it is all you.

You feel, from your human perspective, as if you are on the other side of the earth. That is what you in your human mind think is happening: you are there and she is on the northern hemisphere.

In reality, you both are just energy, and your energies merge when you get together.

When you’re in joy energies merge into oneness

Think of this for a moment and feel it. Feel into that merger of energies.

See yourself as energy, as the soul that you are. Your physical body is just a particle of the whole, and it may be physically separated in your holographic illusionary world, in reality it is just energy.

The energy merges and when you feel that laughter and joy, you feel the oneness.

Now, whenever you go into your daily life, meeting with friends, going to any occasion where you meet people, remember this: when you laugh together, you merge energies.

You feel the oneness, the oneness that everything is connected, that everything is you.

And you don’t feel it when you are in a bad mood, when you’re in worry, when you’re in fear, when you’re in pain, those are the lower energies, the lower frequencies.

Raise your vibration into a state of joy

be in joyWhen you are in the higher vibration, raising your vibration to joy, to feeling happy, to feeling cheerful, laughing, looking outside knowing that everything is perfect, that all is well, that is when you feel the oneness.

The oneness with All That Is.

And when you are in that oneness, when you can literally feel being one with all, with every human being, with every animal, with every tree, every plant, every fish, every whatever animal or energy it is, because it is all energy, when you love it you are one with it.

Manifesting through the frequency of joy

And that is how you create your reality. Aligning with that which you want, feel the joy as if it is already there.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, whatever it is you want, align with it. When you align with it, bring your frequency to that which you want, which is joy.

Visualize what you want and feel the joy. That’s when you become one with it. The energy of you and that which you want merge into oneness. And that’s how you create.

Make visualization fun and easy

visualize the outcomeDo you see how simple it actually is? Humans have a tendency to making things so difficult. You think that you have to do things, that you have to sit and visualize and put effort in it.

But this is all about joy, about feeling love, being happy, laughing. And visualization doesn’t have to be a chore.

It can be just an image that pops in your mind, if only for a few seconds. And if you see it, look at it and know: oh yes, that is what I want. And feel the joy of it already being there.

Everything is already there. It hasn’t just yet materialized in your reality. When you align energetically, by being in joy, bringing your vibration to the vibration of that which you want, it will manifest.

And it can manifest instantly.

Instant manifestation: it’s already here

You know, things in human lives can change in the blink of an eye. In a fraction of a second everything can be different. And you know that.

When someone transitions unexpectedly, instantly the world has changed. That person is no longer in the physical, there is grief, there is sorrow, there are things to organize, houses that need to be cleared.

There are so many things attached to that. It is just an example to show you how things can instantly change. But that can also happen for the best.

Not with someone leaving their body, but by the materializing of things, of dreams, of wishes. So allow yourself to be in joy as much as you can, focusing on that which you want.

Manifesting your dreams

And be happy with it already being there, waiting for you to align with it, and it will be able to instantly pop up in your reality. That is how it works. It’s that easy.

We love you so much. We are always here, as you know. We are you and you are us. There is no real separation.

When you are in joy, we, your guides, the angels, all energies are available to you. Merge the energies, feel the oneness.

We love you. We love you. We love you. We are The Wisdom, and with that, we are complete.

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