Important Language, Do You Understand It?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, January 5, 2023 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, we are so pleased to be with you again on this beautiful new day. We want to talk with you about language.

languagesNow, we know that you all speak the language of the land you were raised in, or the land that you live in.

Humans all use language to communicate with each other. Which is a good thing.

To build relationships with other people, it’s great to be able to understand each other, and communicate about anything you would want to talk about.

Importance of language

It’s used to express feelings, to sing lyrics to songs, it’s used to write poetry, and there’s also computer language and sign language and so much more.

For everything that is written or spoken, or expressed in sign language, there first had to be a language.

And language is a collective agreement between people, to use certain signs or sounds they call words, and to use a certain way of putting these words together in sentences, which you call grammar.

And that way you are able to tell other people what you think, you can give assignments, you can thank people, you can share love, laughter, jokes, sad stories, it all depends on language.

So, we’ve now established the importance of language, wouldn’t you agree?

How the heart speaks

Well, there is another language that you are probably less aware of: that of the heart.

heart languageYes, your heart speaks a different language, it needs no words, it needs no sentences.

It’s an energetic language, that just needs energy and emotions. It speaks through emotions and uses energy waves as words to bring forth that what it wants to express.

And if you understand it, you can put your own words to it.

Although more often than not, the language of the heart is so powerful, sometimes even overwhelming, that it ‘s hard to put it into words.

In those cases it might be that you express it in tears, or laughter, or both simultaneously.

Heart speaks Love

We want you to understand, that the language of the heart, is one that you can learn to understand better.

You can learn to use it better, because it’s the most important language that you have available to you!

We want you to understand that whatever your heart is telling you, is more important than anything that could be expressed to you from outside of you.

It’s more important than anything in human language could be said.

You heart is your greatest asset, it’s the provider of that which you need most: love. And love is an energy, and a language in its own right.

Love is the language of the heart, it’s the expression of emotions. It’s the way your heart speaks, and the way it lets you know what direction you need to go.

Connected to Source

You can always count on your heart, it’s always telling the truth. Because it’s not something that comes from outside of you, it’s something that comes from within you.

Your heart is connected to SourceIt comes from that part of you that isn’t human. It is the mouthpiece of Source, the connection to your True Self, the spiritual being that in reality is you: the real you, the bigger You.

Listen to your heart. And if you’ve lost your connection with your heart, because you’re so used to be in your head, then take in the next few weeks some time to start to connect again.

Start listening to what it is your heart is telling you, because it’s what Source is telling you.

Learn to listen to your heart again

Don’t try to figure it out intellectually, by thinking thoughts inside your mind, but listen to your heart with and from your heart.

In other words, feel into your heart, go to your heart, visualize yourself moving into your heart.

listen to your heartAnd stay there, meditate while being inside your heart, feel the warmth and the love that resides there, and become more and more aware that your heart is always talking to you.

This is a great way for you as a human to go back to a state of being more conscious, of growing your awareness of who you really are.

Your heart is the most interesting, the greatest place in the whole Universe, where you will find the peace that you’re looking for, the freedom that you long for, the love that you cry out for.

It is all there, inside of you. And it speaks volumes, if you’re willing to listen. Listen to your heart!

We are The Wisdom, and while we send you our love and our appreciation for your willingness to listen to our words, we remind you that we are you, and you are us.

There is no separation, there is just Oneness. We love you, we love you, we love you, and with that, we are complete.

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