Horrible Disasters, How Can You Deal With It?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, January 10, 2023 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful new day. We are so pleased to be with you again to speak about disasters.

When you see or experience disaster

natural disaster, earthquakeWe see many of you worrying about natural disasters, disasters caused by humans, like war, or problems caused by how humanity uses the planet.

It can be devastating to you, seeing the things that are going on around the world, or even in your own life.

It can be painful to watch or read the news, to see footage of young children or animals, being hurt, hungry, abandoned or abused.

We understand how such things can have an impact on you, because you see it from your human point of view, from your physical perspective.

There is nothing wrong with that, except that it’s not good for your mental health, nor your physical health, to absorb such information all the time.

So, how do you deal with these things? How can you overcome the feelings of sadness, loss, worry, and being overwhelmed?

Everything comes from Love

As we’ve said to you many times before, the true reality is totally different.

What you see as going on ‘outside’ of you, is something that is happening on a much bigger scale than you can see or experience with your physical senses.

And although it may be hard for you to believe or even accept, these things, no matter how devastating they may appear to you, all happen with good reason, coming from Love.

We’ve explained before, that everything is coming from Source, and within Source, or the Universe, there is just one thing and that is Love.

The pure, divine, unconditional, healing, motivating, creating energy that is Love.

There is nothing else, no other force than Love.

So, if everything is coming from Source, from Love, can there be anything other than Love causing the devastation, the disasters that you see happen?

Now, we understand that this might be difficult for you to grasp, because you see it as ‘wrong’, ‘evil’, ‘awful’, but from a higher perspective, all is good, all is Love. Really.

Blessings in disguise

Every disaster has a reason that is coming from Love. And it’s always happening on behalf of people, for them to benefit of what is happening.

Everything is beneficial for the people that directly go through it, as well as for the people that watch it from a distance, which could be you, seeing things happen from another part of the world.

The people that directly face the disasters are benefiting from the outcome in some way, shape or form.

there's always a blessing in anything that happensIt’s up to their own Higher Self or Soul, how they will benefit, why things are happening exactly the way they do.

Many people that have gone through some awful experiences, seen from a human standpoint, will tell you afterwards, that even though they didn’t like or appreciate the fact at the time they were experiencing the disaster, afterwards they almost always see how it served them and their lives tremendously.

Everything happens for you, as well as for all other humans on the planet. Every disaster is a gift and a blessing, no matter how your human part views it.

Understanding helps to calm down

So, how do you calm your feelings of distress and fear, when you experience disaster? Or even feelings caused by your empathy and compassion for people going through terrible things?

By realizing that you are creator within your own creation. There really is nothing to worry about, and whatever you see outside of you is part of you, is part of your creation.

You may not understand why things are happening, you may not see the bigger picture, but all you see is there for a reason, coming from Love, happening for the good of all.

Knowing this, accepting and allowing this, stepping out of the resistance and the fear or anger, will help you calm you down.

We don’t say that you must become numb or emotionless towards such things, but you don’t have to fret about it, nor be totally absorbed by feelings that you deem negative.

Begin to accept, allow, and open up to thinking thoughts that it may be possible that there are good reasons for whatever is going on.

These reasons go beyond your limited experiences, on a higher level. There are things that you cannot perceive with your physical senses.

By accepting this you will open yourself up for the energy of creation, for the energy of Source. You will begin to understand that Source is working miracles through everything that happens anywhere.

You can always send love

Remember that all is One. If you are open to accepting that everything is coming from Love, and you yourself are sending love to every situation or disaster that your human part thinks of as horrible, you are doing the best thing you could ever do.

send loveSending love, staying out of fear, calming your thoughts by understanding that things happen for the better, no matter what it looks like, will help you to grow and expand your consciousness and become more aware of what is really going on in the your world and the world outside of you.

We love you so much, dear human, and we hope this message will help you to live your life more at ease.

We are The Wisdom, and with that, we are complete.

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