The weather, so mundane and yet so important


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, January 12, 2023 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, we are so pleased to be with you again on this fine and beautiful day. We would like to speak to you about the weather.

You might think that this is such a mundane topic, why on earth would we want to talk again about the weather?

Well, we know that the weather is one of the most used conversation starters for humans. You tend to have a knack for speaking about the weather, whether it’s nice and sunny, warm and lovely, or grey, rainy, cloudy, misty, foggy, snowy, or whatever kind of weather is going on at that point.

Great conversation starter

conversationYou usually tend to start with “what weather we have today, right?”, looking at the other person for a reaction.

Do they like the weather, do they not like this kind of weather?

By giving your comment on the weather you try to start a conversation. Which is a good thing in itself, to start having a conversation with someone you maybe don’t know at all, or someone you know just on a superficial level.

Or maybe you even do know them very well, and even then the weather can be a topic you use to open up some kind of conversation.

As we said, it’s always good to speak with people. So many people are just staring at a tablet or a mobile phone all the time, consumed by whatever is going on online, or in their mailbox, messages they’ve received, sometimes from total strangers.

Humans are so lost in their online behavior, that they hardly see anymore how addicted they are to what’s going on online, and how disconnected they are from the real world. Well, at least ‘real’ in their perception 😉 .

Lost touch with real people

So many people have lost their touch to connect with other humans in their day to day life.

On the streets, in shops, offices, public transport, there used to be so many ways that people connected with each other.

watching screensNowadays most people are just watching screens, engaging more with the virtual world and the things happening in their phones, on their computers or on the TV.

We have no judgment of that. As we always say, all is well, there is no right or wrong here.

We just observe and see the choices you and other humans make, and we spread some awareness, so that you can live your best life.

So, why do we want to talk about the weather? Well, it’s a topic that gets most people out of their online hypnosis, it helps to get people to engage with other humans again, that are physically near them.


We just want to give you one simple warning: when you start about the weather, accept the weather for what it is. Don’t make up stories about it.

Don’t label rain as ‘bad’, don’t label storms as ‘awful’, don’t label heavy snow as ‘horrible’. Or whatever label you come up with when it comes to the weather.

heavy weather

Don’t fall in the trap of negativity that will quickly bring your vibration down, as well as your mood.

Keep it positive, and speak about nature with respect. Because all that it is, is nature providing whatever is needed for you in your world.

And we understand, that some of you have other ideas about the weather, about manipulation of the weather and such, but that’s not what we’re talking about.

Those things too are just labels that you have accepted and placed upon the weather.

Remember that you are the creator of your own creation, so what you focus your attention on, is what you create!

Celebrate the gifts of nature

We just want to encourage you, when you start a conversation about the weather, to keep it positive.

Celebrate whatever nature is throwing at you. Be it hurricanes, snow storms or thunder storms, everything always happens with good reason, for the good of all!

Even if you can’t see why certain weather is happening, with all the effects it can have on your world.

Read our previous message, for a deeper understanding!

We love you dear human, and with that message, we will leave you.

We are the Collective Consciousness of All that Is, and with that, we are complete.

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