Let’s Talk About the Weather and Its Effect on You


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, September 15, 2022 - 10:00 am

rainWelcome, welcome, dear human, on this fine and beautiful day. We are pleased to be with you again and we’d like to talk a bit about the weather.

We understand that the weather is one of your go to subjects to talk about whenever you meet new people, have casual conversation with others standing in line in a supermarket or talking to your neighbor.

It’s the number one topic for many, many humans on the planet.

We also see that many of you have concerns about the weather. We’ve spoken about the climate earlier, and this time we’d like to address a bit more of that, but differently.

Climate versus weather

The weather is just a part of the climate. The climate is the overall long term condition of the atmosphere of the planet, but the weather is more of an actual moment in time, the state of the atmosphere on a particular day, place, or a certain short period.

So how is the weather today? Is it raining? Or is it very warm? Many of you complain about the weather. It’s either too hot, or too cold, too dry or too wet. It’s too windy, or there is no wind at all. The sun is burning, or it’s hidden behind clouds.

Either way, it’s hard to please humans, because you tend to complain about any type of weather. And that is actually the real topic we want to talk about with you. Your complaints about the weather.

Complaining about the weather

Have you ever asked yourself why you do that? And why is it that you so often have to ventilate your complaints to other people? Does it make you feel good to complain? Does it give you attention you think you’d otherwise wouldn’t get?

Because, let us tell you something: complaining is a disease. Complaining is also very contagious. Complaining is a way from your ego to show the world that you are unhappy, unsatisfied, and not liking your life, yourself or your surroundings and it usually prompts others to join you in complaining. .

And what is it that you’re focusing upon when you do that? You’re focusing on the so called ‘negative’ feeling, spreading that, hoping to find confirmation from someone else.

talk about weather“What horrible weather today, wouldn’t you agree?” and you expect someone to say things like “Indeed, it’s so cold/hot/wet/dry/humid! I don’t like it a bit, let’s hope tomorrow will be better”.

But what good does it do to have such conversations? Does it help in any way?

Fact is, that the weather isn’t going to be changed by it! And your mood will most likely not be altered either. Chances are that someone you just spoke to, afterwards feels as bad as you do!

Become aware what you’re doing

But what is it you’re complaining about?

Rain is just water falling from the sky. Nurturing water, needed to supply your drinking water, needed to feed nature, the crops, your forests, plants and animals. So, what use is it to complain about something that is giving so much and is so needed?

Or the sun… what does the complaining about the heat of the sun do to help anything?

The sun provides much needed warmth and light for everything to grow and thrive. Without it you would die, flora and fauna would die too.

Do you understand why we want to make you aware of these things? It’s silly and illogical to complain about things that are so needed to sustain life on the planet.

Gratitude versus complaining

And we understand that sometimes it can be too dry, or too hot. Having weeks upon weeks of rain can be hard for the soil to take in, and it can be hard on you to look at grey clouds day in and day out.

gratitude for rainBut what about taking back your power, stop complaining, and instead start blessing the weather?

What if you would start saying thanks, expressing gratitude for everything the weather is supplying?

Why the extremes?

Oh, we hear you say: “what about hurricanes, thunderstorms, devastating winds, floods and other natural disasters caused by the weather? Do we have to be thankful for those as well, when they disrupt our lives, destroy our homes, and even get people killed?”

We hear you, and we understand that these types of weather are scary for humans. But remember that nothing happens without reason.

No matter your view of it, or your opinion, these things are experiences, they are adventures, they are changing things for humans, for you, to help all of you grow your consciousness.

So, no matter how devastating extreme weather appears to be, it always brings something good. Always!

And nobody leaves their physical body when it’s not their time, however shocking it may be for survivors and relatives. All is well, all the time, everywhere! And there’s definitely never a reason to complain about anything.

Change it and experience the difference

So that’s our lesson for you for today. Stop yourself whenever you feel that you want to complain about the weather. Just remember to turn it around: no complaints, just gratitude.

positive talkAnd see what happens when you start a conversation:
“What lovely rains are we having lately, wouldn’t you agree?”
“Well, it’s a bit too much to my liking, but I suppose it’s needed for nature”.
“I couldn’t agree more with you. How are you doing these days?”…
And the conversation will smoothly flow into another positive subject, due to the uplifting intention you started it with, changing your thoughts and no longer focusing on negative stories about any kind of weather.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this message, that we’ve given you with so much pleasure. We love you dear human, and we look forward to the next one.

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete.

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