Purity of Heart and Why It’s so Important at This Particular Time


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, March 30, 2023 - 10:30 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful day indeed. We are so pleased to speak with you again, and we’d like to talk about purity of heart and the importance of it.

What do you think when you hear those words, purity of heart? Is there a particular image that pops up in your mind? Or do you think of a person, that you believe has a pure heart?

It might be that you think of yourself, that you know you’ve got good intentions and you’re always seeking the purest outcome for the things you want and do.

What is a pure heart?

purity of heartBefore we go on, we’d like to tell you what purity of heart means. Someone with a pure heart, is living from innocence.

It’s someone living from integrity, honesty, dignity, empathy, compassion and respect for the world, humanity, the animals, as well as plants, trees, the air, water.

In other words, someone with respect for the total sum of their environment. And they have self-respect too, and they practice self-love.

Not to be confused with egotism or selfishness in the way so many people tend to show, but genuine, honest self-care and self-love.

Coming from the knowing that they are the I AM, knowing they are Source, God, the Universe. And knowing that everything has come to existence through them.

Their self-respect and self-love is an embodiment of the love that Source has for everything, and it’s shown through their actions.

Actions towards themselves as well as to everything around them. Actions of love and respect, kindness and consciousness.

So, now we’ve explained that, let us continue.

Purity of heart, who has it?

We will tell a bit more about how purity of heart is looked upon from our side of the veil.

new born babyPurity of heart is something that initially comes with every child that is born. It’s a human thing, since spiritual beings and energies don’t have literal physical hearts.

Of course the purity of heart doesn’t only entail your literal heart of flesh and blood, but the emotions and feelings that live inside your spiritual heart, which is tightly connected to your physical heart, are dominant.

When things might begin to change

When a child grows up, their mind begins to develop and it’s being filled with programs, which you could see as ‘instructions’ for the rest of their life.

You may think that those instructions come randomly, due to the environment in which they are born, due to their parents, or caregivers, due to their schools, teachers and fellow students, but what you must remember is that every single one of you arrived with a plan.

As we said earlier, nothing is random, nothing is coincidence. So every child, with their pure heart, will get programmed according to their pre-human plans.

Then they will go about and live their lives, again according to the plans they made before incarnating, and their purity of heart will be maintained if they so choose.

But, we hear you ask, what about all those people that have stepped into darkness, that have gotten themselves into totally the opposite?

What about people who have chosen to become criminals, dictators, murderers, etc.? They no longer have purity of heart, do they?

What about the ‘bad’ people?

We understand, that it’s not easy for you to believe that all human beings come with pure hearts, but as you know, all of you have free will.

And all of you have had lifetimes in which you decided to explore a different kind of life, to explore the dark side of living as a human being.

murdererAnd those kinds of people are still around at this time, as you well know.

What we do want to emphasize is that they too still are connected to their higher selves, they just have stopped tuning into their higher self.

They have stopped listening to and consciously connecting with their hearts, so they have lost track of their initial purity.

We have no judgment about anyone who has done so, all of you are as loved as anyone else, no matter the choices made or whatever actions have been taken in the physical realm.

Why you need to keep your heart pure?

Now, you ask what the use of purity of heart is when so many people have left it, which can make you feel vulnerable and somehow a ‘victim’ of people that are no longer coming from a pure state of being, from love.

Well, purity of heart is the way out of what you call ’misery’. When your heart is pure, when you can maintain a state of being in pure love, in compassion, in empathy, in kindness, then you overpower the ones that are trying to push negativity across the planet.

Only the purity of heart can, and the ones being pure at heart will, be able to change the course of humanity.

And we are so happy to see that more and more people step into that. More and more people discover that they genuinely do have pure intentions, with the benefit for all of humanity as a priority at heart.

These are the wayshowers.

Join the wayshowers

These are the ones that have big enough hearts to spread love and light to all of humanity.

wayshowerIf you feel that you come from pure love, if you know deep inside, that you’ve got a pure heart, that you come from unconditional love for humanity and the planet, without judging the ones that have chosen a different path, you too are a wayshower.

You play an instrumental role in the release of humanity of the shackles of darkness that have been bestowed upon the planet for centuries now.

And now is the time to collectively start shaping a new reality, a new world, a higher consciousness where there no longer is room for impurity.

It’s time for humanity to come together, to bundle energy, to connect and share the love that is your innate state of being.

Reunite all your beautiful hearts and souls, come together in purity of heart, and you will be able to bring forth magic and miracles in your life.

Pure hearts liberate all

That is not just a loose thing we say, it’s a promise. We promise you that the pure hearts are the ones showing the way out of that which you consider ‘bad’.

Now, we do remind you that all is one, and that you are the creator within your own creation, so in any way is there something ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’, but to start a new reality, you have to come with a pure heart, pure intentions, for the good of all, not just yourself.

pure hearts freeThe future is bright, the future holds great promises for all of you, and soon there will no longer be room for evil or impurity.

Consciousness will expand and you will all see the changes occur. Powerful undeniable changes, to your planet, to yourself and all of humanity.

These are exciting times indeed, and we are so happy to be able to share our words with you, to comfort you and let you know that all is well, no matter your view on it.

Stay in the purity of heart that is essentially you, and you will see the unfolding of a New Earth. Prepare for miracles to come!

We love you so much, dear human, and we look forward to our next get together.

We are The Wisdom, and with that, we are complete.

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