Reincarnation, Why Do You Keep Coming Back to the Misery?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, June 14, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful day. We would like to talk a bit more about reincarnation and why your Soul would choose again and again for a human life, with all its challenges.

We see that many of you have questions about why you would want to choose for reincarnation again, after having a life that felt miserable and full of horrible experiences.

Stories, stories, stories

stories in booksFirst off, all those ‘horrible’ experiences, are only horrible seen from your human perspective, seen from within the third dimension. We have told you more than once how your human life is just a story, and nothing is really real.

We’ve compared it often to movies, theater and books. Why do you go to the cinema? Why do you read books? Why do you like people telling stories?

Why do so many people watch horror movies, or thrillers, or even romantic movies where people will have to overcome many hurdles and issues before they can live a life that’s happier?

thrillers, mafia moviesOr in the case of horror movies or thrillers, or mafia movies, why would you go and watch movies where people get killed, or even slaughtered?

We know that many people enjoy these stories. Why? Because they are fully aware that it’s all fake. They know it’s not real.

Enjoy the ride, experience it all

They are aware that every scene has been shot by a camera, played by actors, who after the scene is shot, walk away and go back to their families or their friends, and behind the curtains they live their normal lives.

The same with people that go to ride roller coasters in amusement parks. They seek the thrill, to feel the adrenaline rush, to feel that knot in their stomach grow bigger and bigger, and at the highest point of the roller coaster they will start to scream and yell, to release all of that tension that has built up inside of them.

And they enjoy, they laugh, often times they’re still scared, but they enjoy even through their fear.

Reincarnation, as your own book series

reincarnation is like a book seriesAnd books… there are so many book series. Take a series like Harry Potter, or any other series that you know. It starts with one story in a book, then comes a second book, and another one.

The writer is constantly making up new stories that happen to the characters, and new characters are entered in every new book, and new places where situations and things happen.

Your life and your previous lives, as well as your future lives, are like a book series, with every life that your Soul experiences, telling new stories, experiencing new things.

Because that is what you’re here for, to experience, and to expand. Expand in Consciousness. That is why your Soul chooses for reincarnation again and again, because it’s fun, it’s a play.

Shift your focus to the positive

And even though you don’t get it, you can’t understand why you would deliberately choose for reincarnation, to return into a world full of horrible things, when you shift your focus, away from the negative things you experience or have experienced, to the positive, beautiful, lovely things there are in your life, you will start to get it.

there is beauty and positivity everywhereYour life isn’t meant to be a lifetime of torture, pain, stress and sorrow. Your life is meant to be full, rich, prosperous and happy.

And every challenge can be overcome, every situation can be taken as a gift, as something to expand from. But it’s your choice whether or not you want to see that.

And if you choose not to see that, or not want to see that, that’s perfectly fine, there is no judgement about that from our side, nor from your Soul.

You choose for reincarnation, because your Soul chooses to, and your Soul is the writer of your stories. You and your Soul are one, but you as a human are caught up in the stories, thinking they’re real.

Step back into what’s real, and remember

Like an actor who plays a role, a character, and then starts to believe that he is that character. That doesn’t make the story or the part he plays a reality all of a sudden, it’s still a role and it’s still a play.

It’s in the actor, it’s the actor’s perception that led him to believe he is something or someone else than he actually is.

That is what is going on with you. You’ve been led to believe, by people around you from the day you were born, that you are this human, that your human life is what you are.

And we tell you, that you are not the human, you are far more, you are the actor in a play that’s been written by your Soul and Source.

We hope this gave you some answers to your questions about reincarnation. We love you, dear human, and we enjoy our get-togethers with you very much.

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete.

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