The Elements, What Does Their Power Tell About You?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, May 3, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, we are so pleased that you’re taking the time again to read our message. We want you to know how much you are loved, and we want to encourage you to love yourself more and more. Today we will talk about the elements, and how they relate to you.

When you look at the beauty that is to be found in nature, you will see that you are a part of that same nature. You are not separated from it, although it appears to be so for your physical senses. In reality you are nature.

Nature is a reality in itself. It thrives, it takes care of itself, it soothes.

But it can also be hard and harsh sometimes. For instance take animals chasing and animals being chased. And when the prey gets caught, to human eyes it looks gruesome and horrible. It shows the power that lies in nature, pure and raw.

A closer look at four elements

The first element we want to discuss is water. Think of the beauty as well as the power of water. Water can be subtle, flowing in gentle streams, down from the mountains, starting with tiny drips.

And while running down, the water builds, the stream becomes larger as increasingly more water joins the ride downwards. And along the way the water is so powerful, that it polishes the rocks it touches.

water, one of the elementsYou’ve undoubtedly seen waterfalls, but you’ve also seen the massive walls of water that you call a tsunami. Roaring, thundering like a freight train, having the power to kill and destroy, dragging along everything it touches.

Never underestimate the power of water.

Destructive power

Now let’s talk about another element for a moment. Let’s talk about fire. Light a tiny match, and you’ll see a gently flickering little flame. It appears to be harmless. Just one tiny blow from your mouth and it’s gone.

fireBut you know how devastating fire can become when such a tiny flame is lit in dry material. Encouraged by a soft breeze, that little flame can lit up thousands of flames, creating fires that rise meters above the ground, eating and destroying everything on their path, always hungry for more fuel.

No man or animal can stop it without risking their own life, without risking to be taken by the fire. That’s the power of nature… the power of the elements.

From soothing to lethal

There are two more elements to discuss, earth and air. We’ll talk a bit about air. Think of soft, gentle breezes, playing with your hair, softly touching your skin.

A breeze can remind you of the soft touch of deceased loved ones. A breeze can help cooling you down a bit on a hot summer day. A breeze can be comforting, but winds can also become storms.

Storms can be beautiful to experience on a beach, looking at the white heads on the waves, hearing the sound of the raging sea, seeing trees swaying back and forth, trying to stand tall against the howling winds.

airBut when storms get more and more power, forming whirlwinds and tornadoes, and turning into hurricanes, they are a force not to underestimate.

Such winds can lift animals, cars, boats, and wreck whole countries, as you’ve often seen around the world. So yes, air is another beautiful, but enormously powerful force of nature.

The powerful force of Mother Earth

And then the earth itself. Humans usually love to walk barefoot on the earth, feeling grounded, feeling connected to your beautiful Mother Earth. But the power of Gaia is unmeasurable.

earthGaia has build her mountains and valleys with the strongest force possible, pushing the earth up from beneath her crust. And to this day, earthquakes are showing the forces of the Earth.

And the magma inside of her, is so powerful, it can absorb complete villages, leaving the black smoking lava on the surface, as if Gaia has been vomiting.

The power of volcano’s and the dangers of lava fountains are unfathomable.

Never forget your power

Why are we sharing this with you? Because we want you to understand that you yourself are this power, this power that nature shows.

No, you as the physical human can’t beat the wind, the water, the air or the earth, but the real you, as the spiritual being that you are, you are the one who created all of this!

You are the power that formed everything you see. And the enormous power that’s in the elements, is the force you have given it. You are that power, you are the driving force behind it.

You are Source, and it’s about time that you start realizing that!

We love you so much, dear human, you are the power, you have nothing to fear. You are eternal, you are forever and ever.

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete.

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