Nature and Environment, Another Important Message


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, August 30, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this wonderful day. We are pleased to speak with you again about the environment.

We’ve already shared a message about climate change earlier this month, and we feel the importance to talk about a similar topic one more time, to really get the message through to you.

People’s efforts to save their environment

Many people believe the climate of the planet is changing, due to human interaction with nature. They are truly convinced the environment is in danger.

People try to save the planet, they want to do their part in preserving nature, so they start recycling things, which in itself is a good thing.

ecological footprintAnd they’re focusing on their environmental footprint, their CO2 emissions etc.

How effective is all this, and does the planet really need to be saved from a human caused disaster?

A higher perspective

From our point of view, which is from a higher perspective, coming from a different vibration than most humans are in, we see something totally different.

We see a planet that is thriving. We see a planet that is lush, beautiful, alive, and it’s loving and caring for all its inhabitants.

The human population on the planet does cause some troubles here and there, but the focus of humans on disaster is just that: attention focused on disaster.

It’s exponentially enlarging everything that appears to be ‘off’ and using that to show how awful the state of the planet is, how horribly wrong everything is going, and how dangerous it is getting for humanity to survive on the planet.

It’s not that bad

a thriving environmentTo be totally honest with you: there are no such problems. There is nothing going on on the planet that is causing this much problems, that Mother Earth can’t restore herself!

There is nothing humans could do to destroy the planet. Although some humans are trying very hard to do exactly that, but humanity is not capable of going through with whatever they’re doing to nature and the environment.

We tell you now what we always tell you: stop putting your focus and attention directed on the bad things, and start putting your focus and attention on the good things.

What do you give your attention?

Stop watching the news, and documentaries that tell you how awful the environmental state of the Earth is, focusing on disaster and destruction, causing fear and anxiety.

Instead, start watching and reading about the beauty of nature, the resilience of Mother Earth, focus on her self-healing abilities, and see how ingenious nature works to support the ecological systems.

There is no need for fear, there is no need for human action to ‘save’ the planet, because the planet is not in such grave danger as some people try to sell you!

Your beliefs create your reality

The planet is in the state that you believe she is in. If you believe that it’s all bad and going wrong, you will see mainly that, and you will not accept anything telling you otherwise.

But the true reality is different. The reality is that your planet is also an illusion, a holographic image, a decor, a backdrop for all of your human adventures.

environmental decorAnd it’s a beautiful decor, a beautiful stage for your human life to unfold. See it that way, and you’ll start seeing the perfection in everything. Because everything is perfect, all is well! It truly is!

We love you so much, dear human, and we wish for you to start seeing the reality of your life, which is different than the reality you have always believed in.

Change your perspective, and you’ll change your world. Change your beliefs, and you’ll change your life. Don’t make it more difficult than it actually is!

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete.

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