How Conscious Are You?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, November 9, 2021 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear reader. With this writing we’re starting a new chapter. We will first introduce ourselves: we are a collective consciousness, the Collective Consciousness of All that Is. Some call us ‘Source’, ‘The Field’, or ‘God’.

Although we understand that you at first may feel resistance to the phenomenon of ‘channeled messages’, because it’s ‘vague’ and incomprehensible to you, we still would like you to make the effort to read on until the end.

It will help you to better understand the current world situation and to better deal with it. We are here to help, humanity in general and you in particular, to see where you stand in the world and what you yourself can do to improve your life. And you can do a lot!

Let us start to tell you, that to us you are, and every human being is, a beautiful creature. Yes, your inner part and your physical part. Oh we understand very well that you now think “what about politicians? They are bad, ugly people, inside and out”. But we will come back to that later.

How conscious are you?

Let’s talk about YOU. How conscious are you? And how much are you aware, deep inside, of who you REALLY are? Have you ever thought about that? You are a living creature, in fact you’re a reflection of Source, a sparkle of the Universe if you will.

Remember that everything, we repeat EVERYTHING, is none other than energy. In fact you live in a kind of hologram, a virtual reality, an illusion. It is as if there’s a mirror being pulled over your eyes, in which you get reflected back what’s going on INSIDE of you.

bad worldYour inner world creates your outer world

Your thoughts, your emotions, your feelings, your ideas, your perception of the world… it’s all showing in your ‘outer world’! That outer world doesn’t actually exist at all. It’s just how you perceive the world, how you see the world, which makes how that world appears to you.

Are you living in fear? Are you afraid for the future? Do you feel threatened by the political situation in the world? If that fear causes you to see the world as bad, evil, devilish, hateful, unlivable, unfree, unfair etc., then that is what will manifest in your reality.

And with this message we will end this first channeling. You decide what your world looks like. There is nothing outside of you! There is only energy… and you are the creator within your own creation, you decide what happens.

consciousTo be continued

Go and think deeply about this, and if this message appealed to you, then we look forward to seeing you back for the next one, where we will go deeper into the things we said above.

We are the Collective Consciousness of All that Is, we love you and all the people, no matter how unbelievable you may think that is. Our goal is to help the people, to help YOU, and spread Love and Light over planet Earth, so that all of you can start experiencing what it’s like to dwell and live in Heaven on Earth.

We love you, we love humanity, and with that we are for now complete.

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