How Can You Protect Yourself?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, December 23, 2021 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome dear reader, on this beautiful new day. We see how you are more and more focused on the things that are being revealed in your reality. You see things come to light that you didn’t know, didn’t suspect and didn’t expect. And we understand this frightens you, you feel powerless, cornered. How can you protect yourself? What can you do to prevent being overrun, or worse, by what you see as ‘devilish elite’?

Everything happens for you

We understand your fear, we understand your worries and we feel compassion for you. Still everything is very different from what you can perceive with your human senses. We always say ‘all is well’, and that is true. Every human is there where they are supposed to be. Everything that happens, happens for you, to help you and to learn.

powerWe are not saying that there is no evil, because there certainly is. We say however, that you need to get into your power and fill yourself with the energy that creates worlds. Focus on the things you do want, instead of the things you don’t want.

When you dive into fear, there is no way to be warned or guided from a higher vibration.

Make sure you get out of the fear, and step into your power, from a higher vibration. That higher vibration strengthens your connection with us, with Source, with your guides, with everything that moves on our side, in the world that’s invisible for you.

And with that connection you can protect yourself. Protect yourself from fear, but you can also receive warnings that protect you to prevent things happening to you.

This is what protection can look like

When you’re in the higher vibration, you are receptive for guidance and help from our side. Let us give you an example of such protection: take an airplane or another means of transport.

airplaneYou may suddenly have a feeling that you don’t want to get in the car, or that you don’t want to be on that particular flight. You don’t understand the feeling, it seems irrational, but you feel it so strongly that you take action. You reschedule an appointment, you rebook your flight, you make sure you acknowledge your feeling and you take action.

Then it can be that a disaster occurs. With the means of transport that you were supposed to be on. This is the kind of guidance you receive from our side.

Now you may be wondering ‘what about those other people, who did get on?’… If it was their agreement to leave their physical life, they will not be warned. Then it’s their exit point. Nothing happens for no reason, everything happens for you, and for everyone.

Learning lessons from what you experience

This doesn’t mean that you will always be warned, or that after a warning signal you will always know how the situation would have turned out if you had ignored the warning. Usually you don’t know.

Maybe you’re in the car and have a feeling that you should turn left, instead of straight ahead. You don’t know why, but you follow your feeling. Chances are that you’ll never know why you had that feeling. And that’s okay, you don’t have to know, you can’t know and oversee everything, as a human being you’re not capable of it.

When things do happen that you experience as ‘negative’, for instance when you end up in a chain collision, or your plane needs to make an emergency landing or whatever it may be that shows up in your reality, realize that it happens for you. That you can learn from it, that it will make you stronger. Nothing happens for no reason. Ever!

Step into your power

protect yourselfNow back to the circumstances that you’re in in the world: make sure you step into your power, go out of the fear, take care of that higher vibration so that you can perceive when you’re being warned, or receive impulses to do or don’t do certain things, so that you’re protected whenever it’s needed.

You always have free choice, you are never obliged to follow the impulses from our side and we on our side never judge the choices you make.

You determine, you decide which road you’ll take, which direction you choose in your life, whether that’s a literal direction on a road, or a figurative direction by the choices you make for your life.

What then happens on that road, is the consequence of your choice, and then again you have a choice again how to deal with it, whether to extract the lessons it holds for you.

The most important thing is to stay out of the fear. We say it often, and we keep saying it. Stay out of fear, step into your power in the higher vibration. And trust that everything goes the way it should go.

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete for today.

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