Your subconscious programming is determining

By Tabitha Daniëlle

 Tuesday, 21 December 2021 - 10:00

Welcome, welcome, dear human on this beautiful new day. It is time again to talk with you about the things that are going on in the world. And we’re not talking about political situations, but about the things that are going on inside of you.

Negative programming

negativeAfter our last message, we noted that people in general, and perhaps you too, tend to look for the negative. You are programmed to distrust, to look for and find things that you can label negatively, without realizing how much you are selling yourself short by doing so.

The responses to our last message showed this clearly. It was even suggested that we should be ‘watched’, or not so much us as Collective Consciousness, but more the people who run this platform and post our messages. [Add.: this refers to comments on another website, where these channeled messages are also posted.]

We can only smile at this, because on this side we have no judgment and regardless of what you say or do we always love you. However, it was a clear demonstration of the programmed distrust of anything that deviates from what people perceive as “normal.

There is more than you can perceive with your physical senses

We understand that it’s not always easy to accept that there is more than your human eye can perceive, this however doesn’t mean that what you don’t see isn’t there. You’ve most likely heard the example of electricity before: you can’t see electricity, but when you touch it, it can be lethal to humans and animals. Of sound waves: you can’t see them, but you sure can hear them.

So are the ones among you that regularly dwell in the higher vibrations, able to hear our voice. Not with their literal ears, but with their inner ‘ears’. They can translate our energy to human language.

When we therefore say that ‘what you eat or put in your body, impacts your body depending on the meaning you give to that what you put into your body’, then that is a message that is given from a higher dimension and translated by a human, in words you can understand.

Everything is energy

What we want you to understand, is that EVERYTHING, and we literally mean EVERYTHING, is just energy.

What we want you to understand is that EVERYTHING, and we really mean literally EVERYTHING, is just energy.

The example of ‘drinking kerosene’ was cited in the comments. You know, just by the smell of something like kerosene, that it is toxic to your body. If you didn’t know this and were planted on the earth blank and completely free of judgment, without any programming from past lives and from your childhood, then you could indeed drink kerosene without any consequences.

Your subconscious programming determines

subconscious programmingBut… you are programmed, from many past lives and from your birth into your present life! On a subconscious level you know, that’s how you are programmed, that toxins make you sick or can kill you.

And so it is also for people with dementia, another example that was mentioned in the reactions, who suddenly have no idea anymore about how much they eat, or what they eat, who then become very fat. This is a result of the programming that is in their subconscious.

They may not consciously know that what they are eating is not good for them, but subconsciously that knowledge is definitely present, and the body is controlled by the subconscious. Those subconscious processes do not change by losing some of your conscious knowledge!

Programming can be reprogrammed

So our previous message was meant to encourage you to work on your subconscious programming, your inner knowing. If you eat something of which your subconscious programming says ‘this is bad for me’, it will have an impact on your body. The energy that you give, especially on an subconscious level, to what you put in your mouth or in your body determines how your body reacts to it.

After all, that which you put into your body is just energy, just as your body is nothing but energy. Your body is not literally physical, it is a reflection of how you subconsciously see yourself. And from a higher vibration, it is much easier to change your subconscious programming so that your world changes, as well as how your body responds to what you put into it.

Work on making sure you eat, drink and interact with your body from a higher vibration. Infuse everything you put into your body with Light and Love, seek that higher vibration. We’ve told you before how to do this.

Again, we understand very well that as a human being you find this difficult to grasp. Things have to fall into clear boxes in order to understand them, and this, like the phenomenon of ‘time’ or the phenomenon of ‘space’, is one of those subjects that cannot be placed into a box that humans can understand.

So don’t try to explain it intellectually either, you’ll go round in circles that you can’t get out of.

You are a spiritual being in physical form

embodied spiritOur reason for giving you messages through this channel is simple: we want to alert you to the things that are possible, that you as a human being have much more power than you realize. We want to awaken you to the fact that you are a divine, infinite being, experiencing life in physical form.

The Universe, Source, God, the ‘other side’ is looking into the world through your eyes, and we enjoy the things you experience. Everything is an adventure, we say it often. Go into life in such a way that you start to see that adventure.

Don’t get stuck in the density of negativity, but rise above it by raising your vibration, and you will see that life becomes more pleasant and that what is supposedly happening ‘outside of you’ has much less impact on you.

That is the reason we keep giving you our messages, to teach you to see that.

We love you, as we love all people. We are you, you are us, all is one! We are the Collective Consciousness of All That Is.

And with that, we are complete for today.

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