What Is Channeling Anyway?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, December 28, 2021 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome dear reader, how wonderful that you are once again taking the time and effort to read our channeling today. We understand that for some of you it’s not always easy to understand that our messages come from ‘the other side’.

As a human being you cannot grasp with your everyday thinking how that works, and that there are people who pick up on things that are not ‘audible’ or ‘visible’ to you.

What is channeling anyway?

Our messages are ‘translated’ as it were by a human being. This person receives energy, in the form of words through the inner voice, or through images and intuition.

This energy is translated into words that you, the reader, can understand. We use the vocabulary of the ‘interpreter’, of the one who is the channel between you and us.

channelThe channeler translates our energy, like a radio receiver picks up sound waves and translates them into sound that you can hear and understand.

What we want you to understand, however, is that you too have this ability. You don’t need anyone to channel for you, you can contact all the energy that is around you at any time.

The messages that we pass on through channelers are messages that we feel are important to let you as a human being know. Because most of you do not open up to receive them, we use the people who deliberately offer themselves for this purpose.

Separation is an illusion

Our goal is always, and has always been, to impress upon you as a human being that everything that happens happens for you. And that there is no separation, even though it may seem that there is from your perspective. In reality, and we said this many times, all is one.

Everything is energy, and everything is connected. Everything comes from one source. Scientists often call this ‘the field’ or ‘zero-point energy’, we call it Source, and people who have a religious background call it God. No matter what you call it, everything refers to the same thing, the source energy, the energy in which everything resides, and in which everything is united.

playersWhen you become aware of that, you start to see how everything that happens also comes from that same source. And that you are part of a ‘game’. You are a player on the playing board called ‘life on Earth’.

Raise your vibration and get a different perspective

No matter how heavy things may seem in the game, no matter how insurmountable your problems may seem, we keep reminding you that once you raise your vibration, your vibrational frequency, it no longer matters what happens in the world around you.

It is the perspective from which you view things that then changes dramatically, giving you a better overview and allowing you to see the bigger picture.

To bring that bigger picture to you, we use channels, channelers. A channeler doesn’t make things up, however much you may think that. A channeler is merely a conduit, translating our energy and passing it on to you and others.

Everything is there for you

We understand that there are still many who don’t believe in this, who think that a channel is deliberately trying to mislead people, or lead them astray. Everyone is free to think what he or she wants. However, we hope that the nature of our messages will slowly convince you otherwise.

buddhaWe do this for you, to help you see how much more beautiful life is when you open up to the energy that is around you, the source energy, the energy of angels, ascended masters such as Buddha, Jesus, and many others, the energy of guides and helpers who are invisible to you as a human being.

All this energy is available to you, and a channeler can help you to communicate with this energy when you are not able to do so yourself (yet).

Every human being is a channel

Eventually everyone will be able to do this and the work of channelers will become redundant. As the vibration on earth rises, more and more people are waking up, more and more people are becoming open to receiving messages from ‘the other side’.

We welcome every person who can ‘hear’ us and discovers how reality works. And we hope you can join them at your time.

We love you, as we love all people. We are all one, you are us, we are you.

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete for now.

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