You Hold the Key to Change What You See As Bad or Evil


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, November 1, 2022 - 10:00 am

Why does God allow bad and evil things?Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful day. We are so pleased to speak with you again. We see how many of you are wondering about why God or Source is letting all those things happen that you consider bad, or even evil.

We will try to explain it, although we’ve explained it many times before. We have no judgment of your ignorance, we love you so much, and we will keep repeating the things we tell you, until it clicks and you’ll finally get it.

How real is your world?

When you ask ‘Why does God let evil happen?’ or ‘What is the reason that people are killing each other, hurting each other, destroying the planet, etc.?’, we go back to what we’ve said before: nothing is real!

Now, you counter that by saying “what I see and feel, what I see people go through, in war zones and places where there isn’t enough food, it definitely is real”.

Again, you are living in a reality that FEELS real, that LOOKS real, but it ISN’T real! What you see are projections of your own fears, being played out in what appears to be your outside world.

In reality there is no outside world, it’s an illusion. And the more you focus on what you perceive as bad, the more you will see of it.

Change your world

You are the creator of your worldYou are a master creator, we’ve told you this just days ago. You are capable of creating whatever world you want. And not just you have that capability, EVERY human being on this planet has that ability!

Someone said that we are telling you about things that you ‘could be able to do, but can’t yet’. That is untrue. You CAN, in this very moment.

We never give you ideas that aren’t real, we never feed you things that are just teasers of something that ‘might happen’. No, you are fully capable, right here and right now, to manifest and create all that you desire, including world peace and abundance on every level.

What holds you back

What gets in the way of that ability, is your belief that you are powerless, that you are not good enough, not great enough, that you have to learn things and that learning these abilities is hard for you.

That is why you don’t achieve what you want yet! But if you would drop those false beliefs, if you would let go of your illusions of being just a mortal human, you would instantly be seeing the results of that reflected from ‘outside of you’.

Because YOU are the force field of energy that creates your world. And together as human beings, you are collectively co-creating. What you see from your perspective is the world that is built from what goes on inside of you.

God’s failure cause of everything bad?

angerSo, if you’re angry at God or Source, for creating what you call ‘a mess’, ‘a disastrous world’, ‘a failed plan’, ‘allowing evil and bad to exist’… that is what you get to see reflected to you!

You create that world with your beliefs and the thoughts you hold!

As we’ve said many times before, change your thoughts, work on yourself, go within, if you want to see change in the world around you! Don’t make it any harder than it is, YOU are the change, YOU hold the key. Whether you like it or not.

Take the easy way: Love

Stop giving your power away to others, to things that seem to be ‘outside’ of you, take responsibility for what YOU are creating. And that is what will start the changes that you seek.

Start thinking thoughts of love, start spreading love, and every time you focus on what you consider ‘bad’, ‘horrific’, ‘evil’, stop your mind and change the thoughts to focus on the things that ARE good in your world. Share love and drop the anxiety and anger.

And stop repeating over and over and over and over and over how you feel that the world is ‘bad’, that God has ‘failed’, that you don’t understand, that you don’t get it, because every time you repeat that, that is exactly what you’re creating and what you get to see, right there and then!

It’s all perfect already

We love you dear human, and our grandest wish for you, is that you start seeing your world from a different perspective.

You’ll be surprised at how wonderful your world is, and how there’s nothing broken, nothing to be fixed, nothing to be healed. All is truly well!

We are The Wisdom, and with that, we are complete.

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