Your Sovereignty and Why You Need to Take It Back


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, August 2, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, we are so pleased to be with you again on this beautiful day. We have wondered what to talk about today, and we think that what you need to know most at this point, is that you are sovereign, a sovereign, unique, autonomous, divine being. So let’s dive a bit more into that.

What is sovereignty?

It means that you are an autonomous being that needs no others to rule over them. You are a being without need to be reigned.

you are sovereignNobody has to rule or control you, you can, and have the right to, make your own decisions, and the only thing you need to do is make sure that you don’t harm others.

All of your decisions, no matter how small or big, are decisions only for you. Even if you think you are deciding for example for a child, or a friend, a family member, or even your pet.

Decisions, thoughts and sovereignty

Every decision in your life, is made only for you. Every decision has an impact on yourself, will have an effect on you.

Whenever you decide things, your thoughts and feelings will follow those decisions. If it’s a decision that’s true to your Soul, true to who you are, your thoughts and feelings will follow a good path, so to speak.

Your thoughts will be joyful, at peace, and at ease.

But, if you make a decision that is out of line of your sovereignty, you will immediately feel and experience the effects of those as well.

A bad choice, a poor decision, whatever it may be, will drag your thoughts to the density of negativity. You’ll start to feel bad, you’ll start to doubt yourself, and others, and you’ll experience uncertainty.

And that you’ll feel in your whole physical system.

That is what happens when you disregard your sovereignty.

Thoughts, are they yours?

thoughtsYou are always in charge. In charge of your feelings, of your emotions. And you are always the one choosing your thoughts.

Your thoughts are not yours, in the direct sense. Thoughts are energy waves that you pick up on.

And the thoughts that come to you, are vibrating in the same frequency as you, they resonate with your vibration.

So if you make a decision that is out of line with your sovereignty, you will be in a lower frequency and thus attracting lower frequency thoughts.

You think that these thoughts are yours, your emotions will follow suit, and they’ll be dragging you further down.

It’s all so easy and simple, if you would only understand how this works.

Only you can rule you

So, if you want to feel better, about the world, about your surroundings, about your health, about anything, you will have to start with raising your vibrational frequency.

And that is a sovereign decision, a decision that only you can make, nobody can control you in that, nobody can or will do it for you.

You, as a sovereign being, have the right, the capacity, and the duty to take care of yourself, coming from your sovereignty.

Then you will be able to come to a place of a higher frequency, and from there you will start to attract better thoughts, that are in line with your frequency.

From those better thoughts your emotions will follow that frequency, and you will start to feel better, lighter, happier.

It’s all cause and effect, and it starts with you acknowledging that you are sovereign, that you are in charge of your life, that you are in charge of your vibration, that you are in charge of which thoughts you allow to come in, and you are in charge of your emotional wellbeing.

Start being sovereign again

reign yourselfStart acknowledging your sovereignty, start accepting that you don’t need anyone to rule over you.

And we understand that you’ve been programmed to believe that you have to obey governments, and man-made rules, but that is an illusion.

Yes, you’ll have to follow traffic rules to avoid collisions. Yes, you’ll have to follow rules of courtesy, in order to be able to pleasantly communicate with other humans.

But no, you never have to follow rules that make you feel unhappy, uncomfortable, or worse. Take back your power, take back your responsibility, take back your sovereignty!

We are The Wisdom, we contain all the wisdom that is actually already inside of you. You are us, we are you, all is One.

And with that, we are complete for today.

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