Master Creator, When Will You Take Responsibility?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, October 27, 2022 - 10:00 am

You are a Master CreatorWelcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful day in which you can achieve anything you wish. You are the Master Creator in your life, whether or not you believe it.

Now, we’ve spoken about this many times before, and we want you to know that we will keep addressing this many more times, because so many of you are still in the dark about how your world functions.

Current reality from past creation

You are the creator of your reality, by your thoughts, by your emotions. The reality you see around you, is a reflection.

It is a reflection of your past thoughts, of your past beliefs, of your past convictions, of the things you’ve done and manifested in the past.

And that past can be yesterday, five years ago, or it can even be from a past live. Either way, what you see now, today, in your reality, is something you’ve created before this moment.

What does this mean? That you are creating your future right now! By the thoughts and beliefs, plus emotions and feelings that you have in this very moment.

What about the ‘bad’ outside?

We see people often asking questions about the ‘bad’ things they see around them. You have to become aware that you are the one creating it and keeping it to come back over and over again. Because you are keeping it in your energy by speaking about it, by thinking about it, by feeling emotions about it!

injusticeEvery time you ask “yes, but why does this happen to those people?” or “What can we do to solve this problem that we’re dealing with?” or “Why do people get hurt, or can’t pay for their food anymore…?” or anything else that is focused upon what you perceive as bad, is maintaining that exact situation!

We know many of you get offended by that. You feel you are not responsible for the bad in the world, for the things that go wrong in other people’s lives.

You think you are not responsible for crises, for wars, for poverty, for hunger. Instead you rather blame ‘the elite’, the powers that be, governments, etcetera.

Look inside!

But in reality, as we also said many a time, there is no out there! You live in a virtual reality, where everything is a reflection of what lives inside of you.

If you are in fear, if you feel anger towards governments, if you live in mistrusting, if you blame others ‘outside’ of you for anything and everything, think again! Because they are YOU! They are a reflection of you. You are the Master Creator of ALL of that.

And as long as you keep blaming and shoving your responsibility away, you are giving your power away, and you are creating more of that which you don’t want.

Like we said, we will keep repeating this over and over again, until you start to get it.

Take responsibility and change the world

You are a Master Creator, that is who you really are. You are Source, you are God, you are the force field of Consciousness that creates everything you can see and even the things you cannot see.

Will you take responsibility?Start taking responsibility for that. Instead of focusing on the things you don’t like, the things you perceive as bad and horrible, unfair, unjust or disgusting, or on things that make you anxious and fearful, change your perception, change how you feel.

Start telling different stories and begin to see that you are the one that holds the key. You are the one that has the power, to change your whole world.

And when you do that, when you start taking that responsibility and become focused on the things you do want, the things you would love to see happen for the world you’ll start to solve poverty, injustice, unhappiness and unhealthiness.

That is when you start building a new future from your new thoughts in the now moment!

It’s way easier than you think

Think about it, and start to understand. It’s no rocket science, it’s quantum physics in real life. You are the Master Creator, you are capable of doing exactly that: changing the world.

If only you would start to open your eyes, and stop blaming others for the things you perceive as ‘wrong’.

We love you dear human, so very, very much. And we will continue to remind you of your power, of you being the Master Creator of your life and your world, until you finally start to get it!

We are The Wisdom, and with that, we are complete.

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