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By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, November 16, 2021 - 10:00 am

atomWelcome, welcome, dear reader, we’re so happy to meet you again. We know this time isn’t easy for you, and that there’s a lot coming your way. That’s why we decided to encourage you this way, to let the light at the end of the tunnel become visible again.

Today we would like to talk about unity. We know that we’ve spoken about that in our last message, but this time we want to dig a little bit deeper into that. Because the unity we mean goes beyond the feeling of ‘you are me, and I am you’. We want you to understand that truly EVERYTHING is ONE. Every atom in the universe, every smallest particle that exists in your physical and non-physical world… that all is one.

Just like in the movies

Good, if you think of every atom being one with everything, therefore also with you, then how do you view the world? Do you look at it as a bad place, a dangerous place, a place where your life is threatened? Or do you see the world as a place where people play? Where every human being plays their part? Just like in a movie or a play. The actors AREN’T the bad guys or the good guys, they are merely the impersonation of the part that they play.

That is how you can look at the world around you. Everything in nature, every animal, every plant, every tree, every cloud, every raindrop, every rainbow, the sun, the moon, the water, the earth, mountains, seas, EVERYTHING is a unity, and everything has a part in the game that you are playing on Earth. You as a human being, and all other humans in the game, are a part of it and everyone plays their own part, a part that you’ve chosen yourself before you incarnated in your body.

the gameActors and their part

Because it’s just a game, you’re never in danger. An actor in a movie doesn’t actually get shot when he goes down. After the “CUT!” he gets up and gives his colleagues a hug or receives a pat on the back for the performance of his acting.

Look the same way at the ‘bad guys’ that are in your story line right now, and you’ll see with very different eyes, it will all feel completely different.

Why do people ride a roller coaster? For the sensation. Why do people want to go bungy jumping? For the sensation. Why do people jump out of an airplane hanging on a thin cloth? For the sensation. Why do spiritual beings come to the Earth to live in physical form as human beings? Indeed, for the sensation! For the experience, for the stories that unfold in a human life.

leavingWhy do so many people die?

On this side we are without judgment. Always. We never judge anyone, because we know that everything is just a game. Good and evil are illusions. Polarization, separation, they are illusions. And when you understand that, you’ll be able to see the world’s shine and color again.

Do people die? Yes and no. People leave their physical body, and you call that ‘death’. But have they ceased to exist? Definitely not! They move on to other adventures. Some reincarnate as humans again, just like in your life you go to an amusement park more often, for the umpteenth time riding the same rides, experiencing the same attractions.

Dear human, let it sink in, that nobody leaves without it being meant to be. All humans that are now saying goodbye to human life, leave with a reason. It can be an agreement they’ve made long ago, even before their human birth, or any other reason. Sometimes they’re simply done with life on Earth, and that’s all possible. Many of them are still with you from the other side, to help you stand strong and not let yourself be overcome by fear. Because there is no doubt that the game is exciting! But no matter how exciting, it remains a game.

All Is Well

Remember this: all is well, everything is okay. You are safe, there is nothing to be afraid of. Hold your vibration high, stay out of fear, and go and enjoy life again. Do the things that make you happy. That is possible, and it is allowed!

And with that we are complete for today.

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