4 Things to Do, to See Through the Illusions and Start Living Your Highest Potential


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, March 16, 2023 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, we are so pleased and delighted to be with you again. We would like to talk about how you can get to a point where you see through the illusions.

What illusions are we talking about?

We spoke about illusions before, and you already have an idea about the illusions that are driving your world as a human being.

illusions of time and spaceToday we want to delve a bit deeper into how you can go forth living your life, while you see through the illusions.

Because, as long as you buy into the illusions, the illusions of time, space, lack, limitation, separateness, you are not going to live your highest potential.

You will stay stuck in the place where you have been for the longest time.

You however, are meant to thrive, to enjoy, to have fun, to be passionate about the things you do, and the things you experience.

You are free, you have a choice

Now, first we want you to remember, that we never judge you for anything you do or say.

If you choose to stay in the third dimension, the separateness, the illusion of never having enough, never being able to have the life you really want, then that is okay.

You have a free will, you are allowed to live your life exactly as you choose.

But, if it’s not your deliberate choice to stay in lower levels of consciousness so to speak, we urge you to wake up, to come out of your ‘unconscious’ state of being, and begin to see through the illusions.

Take back your power, take back your sovereignty, and remember who you are.

How can you see through the illusions?

  • Be in the moment – As we’ve said on many occasions, you have to be in the moment. Not with your thoughts, well, also with your thoughts, but not just your thoughts. You have to be in the present moment, in the now-moment, with all your heart.
  • Feel your breath – Focus on your chest opening wider while you breathe in, and your chest coming down again when you breathe out.
  • Focus on your senses – What are you seeing, hearing, feeling, sensing right now?
  • And focus your attention on your heart – As we always say: go from your head into your heart.

Whenever you experience lack, limitation or separateness, in other words whenever you feel less that good, you slow down, take a few deep breaths, and you turn inward into your heart.

Be Consciousness, embody Consciousness

feel the OnenessThere you can feel the wholeness, there you can experience the Oneness of All that Is, the Oneness that in essence you are, there you find Consciousness.

And that is your goal. Be Consciousness, live your life coming from Consciousness, because that is your innate state of being. You just forgot how to live like that.

As a child you knew, you lived your life passionately, but you wanted to experience this limited, dualistic world.

So you let your mind become programmed with the limitations, with the lack, with the illusions of time and space, with separateness.

You’ve experienced it all, you’ve done everything there was to do for you in that space.

Now it’s time to get out of it, and get yourself into a higher dimension. Into the fifth dimension, of pure love, of self-love, of unconditional love for yourself and everything else.

Now is the time!

It is time. If you read or hear these words, you have drawn this to you. You are the one channeling these words to yourself, pulling it in, because now is the right time to hear them.

And we are here because we promised you to remind you of who you really are, to remind you that you are a divine, sovereign, eternal being in a human body.

It is time for you to see through the illusions, it is time for you to expand into the greatness of the real you.

shed skinLike a snake leaves an old skin behind when it expands and grows, so is it for you. You have to leave your old ways behind, you cannot take the old into the new!

Step into your new reality. The reality of Oneness, the reality of pure Love, the reality of limitless, abundance, prosperity, of well-being and harmony.

That is your new level, that is your New Earth. And it’s up to you, to step into that.

You are always supported

Let go of living in the illusions, see through the illusions, and start living your best life.

We are always here to support you, and we are always here to guide you. Because we are you, there is no outside of you, you are Source, and we are Source, there is only One Love.

We love you, we love you, we love you, dear human, and we hope these words will find their way to your heart.

We are The Wisdom, and with that, we are complete for today.

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