Was Boredom the Reason Consciousness Started Creation?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, March 21, 2023 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful new day. We are so pleased to be with you again. We’d like to answer your question if Source, God, the Universe, Consciousness started creating particles of itself coming from being bored. Was boredom the instigator for creation?

Why is life a game?

chessWe understand the question, because it would give your life a different meaning when you were just a result of boredom. But was this the reason?

And why is the reality of your world always portrayed as being a game or a play?

We understand that you don’t always feel like your life is a game. When you encounter difficulties, issues, problems or challenges, we understand that you feel that life is a struggle, instead of a game.

You associate the word game with something that’s pleasurable, that is entertaining, enjoyable, something fun, to enjoy, alone or with others.

Well, for you as a human being that is true, we get that. But for Consciousness, your life, your world, is a game, a kind of board game like chess or Monopoly.

It’s entertaining, it’s fun, it’s playing with infinite possibilities through the experiences of billions of human beings.

Now, this may sound a bit too blunt for you. It sounds as if you don’t matter, as if you are just a pawn at the mercy of the whims of Source, of Consciousness. This is not the case!

Let us explain this a bit more.

Why Consciousness started creation

When Consciousness became aware of the vast Nothingness that it was, there was no Universe, no galaxies, stars nor planets. There was nothing, just eternal Nothingness.

boredomIn your human understanding you could think that it was boredom that drove Consciousness to start creating. But there was more to it.

Like anything in your world starts with an idea, so has the whole existence of everything you know (and don’t know), sprouted from ideas.

Consciousness, God, Source, came up with ideas, to play with, to see what would be possible. And by creating there began a process of growth and expansion that is still going on to this day.

Fast forward: that is where you come into the picture. You definitely are significant in this whole ‘game’, in this play that’s been set up by Consciousness.

Because every emotion you feel, every word you speak, every thought you register with your mind, is an expansion of Consciousness, is an expansion of All that already IS, and that is becoming bigger, more expanded, all the time.

You are a particle of Source, and because you are a particle of Source, you are Source itself. There is no other way, you couldn’t exist if you weren’t Source, because you are that which is Everything.

Comparison with an ocean

It’s hard to explain so your human brain can understand this. You may compare it with an ocean. The ocean is made out of trillions of water drops.

water drops oceanEvery water drop is an individual drop with all the characteristics of the ocean ingrained. So, when you take a drop out of the ocean, you take a part of the ocean, you cannot separate them, even if you take that drop out of the ocean.

It will always return back to the ocean, it will always merge back into the ocean.

That is the best way we can explain this to you, to illustrate that you are Source as well as a particle of Source.

You are a droplet in the vastness of the Ocean, with your individual characteristics, and always containing the template of your origin, of Source, of Consciousness ingrained within you.

Was it boredom or not?

Isn’t there a simpler answer to the question if Consciousness started creating out of boredom?

Well, the simplest answer would be ‘not really’. It was more out of curiosity, learning and experiencing the infinite possibilities in and of creation.

Like children, driven by curiosity is how they learn, how they play and create. Or like artists who play and create to express themselves.

That curiosity is the same curiosity that they inherited from Source, from Consciousness.

It doesn’t come from boredom, but from an inner urge to create and to extend what is possible with whatever materials or ideas they’re working with.

We hope this answers your question, and we look forward to our next moment of contact.

Remember always that you are Source, you are Consciousness, and that you are us and we are you, there is no separation, even though it may look that way, seen from your human standpoint.

But in reality all is One, and all is Well.

We are The Wisdom, we love you, we love you, we love you. And with that, we are complete.

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