Is Reality Shifting From 3D to 5D?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, January 27, 2022 - 10:00 am

awakeningWelcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful new day. What a joy it is each time to speak to you, and tell you more, and help you remember more of what reality is. For you already know everything, you have only forgotten!

Our task is to help you re-awaken the knowledge and wisdom that is already within you, so that your inner knowing awakens.

It is this awakening that is going on in the world right now. We have seen the response to our messages. But we also read your hearts, we know your thoughts.

And so today we want to share a little more in response to some questions we have seen.

Dark forces and Mother Earth

First, the question about dark forces. It was asked what the situation is with that. From the perspective of you as a human being, it seems that only terrible things happen. People trying to gain power, people dominating others, the earth being exploited, resources being used and abused. Yes, there is all that.

However, you must understand one thing: the earth is a beautiful planet, a planet that is itself a living organism. Mother Earth, Gaia, is not a lifeless rock, not a soulless ‘thing’. Gaia herself has a consciousness, Gaia is a living energy. And Gaia knows exactly what she can and cannot allow and will not allow. That first.

A world of contradictions

dualismThen on top of that, you as humans have been living in a 3D reality for centuries. A dualistic world. Your belief is ‘good cannot exist without evil’.

In the dualistic 3D reality, that is true. There, nothing can exist without a counterpart. Good and evil, light and dark, up and down, front and back, white and black. In that 3D reality, dualistic thinking, judgment, limitations and lack prevails. You have everything or nothing, you are good or bad. You’re on this side, or on the other side.

What we always try to make clear with our messages, however, is that there is more than this dualistic reality. And that you have the choice in which reality you want to live!

On the way to paradise?

Heaven on earth is not a place where you have to go. Paradise is not something yet to come, something far away and beyond your reach. No, on the contrary! Paradise, heaven on earth, is a state of consciousness, it’s within you!

People are beginning to awaken to their inner wisdom. We call this the transformation dimension, or 4D. This is a time when you begin to see that there is more, that you begin to open to other possibilities, that you feel inside that something isn’t right.

questionsYour desire for harmony increases, you begin to see that material possessions are not sanctifying, that you want more than things. That you want to deepen your relationships, that you feel that there must be something, but you don’t know exactly what. You just feel that there is something.

And you start asking questions. Who am I, why am I here, why is humanity here, why are we in the situation we are in, what is the purpose of all this?

Waking up in the reality of the 5th dimension

And then you start to see things. You slowly start to be more open to the inner knowing that resides within you. You arrive in the 5th dimension. The dimension where there is no judgment, no dualism, no lack, no limitations.

You discover that all is one, that the spiritual world of energies is just as real as you’ve always experienced your physical world. You even discover that the physical world isn’t real at all, that the only real reality is precisely the spiritual world. That everything is energy, that you are energy, and that you are a spark of God, Source, the Light.

You transcend everything that you accepted as truth in the 3D reality, and you see that it was just an illusion, a movie, a big play, and you got to play a leading role. You discover the real reason for your human existence. And you discover that everything happens to get you where you are today.

Everyone in their own time

everyone in their own timeAnd not everyone has come to the point where they see all of this. And that’s fine. Each person awakens at their own pace. Some will never awaken in this lifetime. They have chosen to stay entirely within the 3D reality. That’s good too!

No one is forced to go through any kind of transition. Everyone has made their own plan, set their own goals, to live life as a human on earth in a certain way.

Most of you alive today, however, have chosen to go through that awakening. And along the way, millions of you will enter into this process. Millions are already there, and they’re the ones showing the way.

Communication with ‘the other side’

These are the healers, the channelers, the wayshowers using their knowledge and wisdom, and their gift of communicating with energies, to help others get there too.

They are the ones who make it easier for us, on this side of the veil, to communicate with you. We try to reach each person, by addressing each person directly. But those who have not yet opened up to this cannot hear or experience us yet.

At this time thousands of people worldwide are working as a channel to pass messages. This has been going on for years, but as time passes there are more and more. (Time within your experience that is, we have no time experience, we only know and experience the now, something we also try to teach you, to only live in the now.)

That’s why we say that the great awakening is in full swing.

The purpose of what’s going on in the world

And that’s the reason for all that’s happening in the 3D reality. Those events are making people think. They begin to see that things are not right.

And of course there are masses of people who close their eyes to it, who don’t see it, who don’t want to see it. Who have not yet discovered their true Self, or even felt that there is more.

awake in 5D realityBut focus on those who do see it, those who are in transition to the 5th dimension. Connect with those who, like you, are beginning to wake up to who and what they really are.

Talk to each other, focus on positive things, strengthen each other in the knowledge that you all carry with you, that together you are the ‘heaven on earth’. That your energy, when combined, is so much stronger than anything else in that 3D reality.

Shift your focus to who you really are

And stop focusing on the things you don’t want. Stop looking at how ‘bad’ everything is. It’s an illusion, it’s a game, it’s not real! No matter how real it seems, if you raise your vibration, and we explained earlier how to do that, you’ll find that you are in your own power.

You’ll notice that no matter what happens, it barely has anymore impact on you. You’re going to live your life in a completely different way, you’re going to feel that you are the one who determines how you live. And that your Soul, your Higher Self, makes sure that things go the way they are supposed to go.

That’s why we always say ‘get out of fear’, the fear keeps you stuck in that 3D reality. Let go of fear, start seeing with your figurative eyes, open them and wake up to who you really are!

You are the literal incarnation of Divine Energy, a spiritual being, with far more power and might than all your governments put together. You just forgot about it!

We’re here to help you

And we’re here to help you remember. In fact, you don’t need us. Once you’re awake and you know how things really are, because you experience it in your own life, you can do it all yourself. Then you may want to keep in touch with us, because we’re side by side, because we came from the same Source. We are you, you are us, remember? All is one.

But until then, we’re here, we’re here to help you, to show you and keep reminding you of what you do know deep inside. The time of awakening is now. And if you feel this somewhere, something begins to gnaw in you as you read what we tell you, you may not have been awakened yet, but you are slowly beginning to open your figurative eyes.

Don’t just accept what we say

Be kind to yourself, be gentle with yourself, and take your time. Sometimes it seems like there is no more time to lose, but that too is an illusion. Take your time and seek out more information. Read or listen to what others have to say.

researchThere is so much information available to you, you don’t have to blindly accept what we say through this channel. If you search, you will discover that what we say is also told by many hundreds to thousands of other channelers, and people who have awakened.

And with that, we would like to conclude this message. We are The Wisdom. We love you, we love you and all people so intensely, and we look forward to seeing the wisdom that is already within you grow and come to light.

We are complete for today.

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