Do Angels Exist and if so, What Do They Do?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, January 25, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, we are happy to speak with you again on this beautiful new day. We have seen that questions arise, including about the existence of angels. Today we want to talk a little more about that.

Do angels really exist? Is there such a thing as a heaven? What are they actually? Have they ever been human, or are they spiritual beings who have never lived on earth? Or are they a figment of human imagination, driven by a feeling or desire to have something around them to make them feel safer?

These are all questions that we face on a regular basis, and you may have wondered about them as well.

Different kinds of angels

So what are angels? Were they ever humans? We can be brief about that. No, they are not humans, nor have they ever lived on earth as humans. They’re highly intelligent, spiritual beings, living in a very high frequency. There are several types of angels, such as archangels, guardian angels, cherubs, seraphim.

guardian angelIt would be too long to go into too much detail here, but each type of angel group has its own tasks. And all of them are serving humanity, and they will help you if you ask them to.

The job of archangels and guardian angels is to take care of people. They may not simply intervene when situations arise; they’ll always respect your free will and the plan for your life that you established before you came to earth.

Within that framework, they’ll always assist you when you’re struggling, and they can do certain things for you within your free will.

Experience their presence

Often, things that you experience as ‘miraculous’, or even ‘magical’, are a result of the work of angels, who can orchestrate situations and circumstances in such a way that the outcome for you is exactly what you want, or an outcome that helps achieve certain goals that you have set, consciously or subconsciously.

white featherThey also have a variety of ways to let you know they are there. As a human, you usually have several angels who are always around you, and they often try to let you know they are there in various ways.

It can be by you suddenly encountering white feathers or butterflies in unusual places, for example. Turn to your angels more often, and you will experience more and more that they are there.

Where do they live?

As for where they are, which people refer to as ‘heaven’, this is not a literal place. You, as a human being, are used to looking up, and thinking that they are there, as well as deceased loved ones.

heavenBut in reality, the dimension where the angels are is all around you. Just like the souls of deceased people. We prefer to call them people who have passed on and completed their transition. They too are near you and not somewhere high and far away.

In fact, heaven is actually on earth, and is more of a mental state than an actual place. But we’d like to talk more about that in a future message.

How can they help you?

Angels, because of their wisdom of millennia, and their place in the hierarchy, are far more advanced than humans. They are not more or better than humans, not hierarchical in that sense, but in the sense that they have more powers, more wisdom, more knowledge. And they can use all of that in guiding and helping people.

You can call upon them to help you with certain things. They will surround you with love, and within the capabilities they have, they will help you when you ask for it.

This doesn’t mean that they will pull you out of the fire for every little thing! It is meant for you to live your life, and have experiences, and grow through all that you experience.

That is why things happen, so that you can grow, so that your wisdom and your knowledge increases. We always say that things happen for you, they don’t just happen to you.

But within the possibilities that exist, angels will always be willing to help you. So they are in no way a figment of human imagination and they do not come from fairy tale books or stories.

Where do the stories come from?

angels in the bibleIt’s rather the other way around. The stories originated from the experiences people have had with angels. Miraculous events, which led them to write it down, and share it with other people. An example of this is the Bible, a book in which angels are frequently described..

Perhaps you see the Bible as a kind of fairy tale book. As a book full of stories, fantasy and fiction, perhaps written to scare and rule people. Or maybe you see the Bible as truth, as the ‘Word of God’, and you believe that every letter of it is authentic.

Let us tell you this: the Bible has been so modified over the centuries, and so much has been removed from it, and added to it, that it no longer looks very much like the book as it once began.

But the stories, the testimonies about encounters and experiences with angels, those are not purely based on fantasy. Those stories are based on reality, on experiences that people have actually had.

Seek contact

And you yourself may have had moments when things just ended well, and you sighed that you must have had a ‘little angel on your shoulder’. At such moments it may indeed be the case that an angel has helped you, for example to prevent something serious happening.

But again, they will only do this when it is in line with the plan for your life and within your free will.

contactWe want to encourage you to open up to connecting with the angels. Ask them for help when you need it. And know that they are always there to help you. Just as we are always there for you.

We hope this has given you a little more insight into the angelic world. A world that seems far away to you, but is in fact much closer than you thought.

We are The Wisdom and with that we are complete for today.

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