Embrace Your Divine Power: Transcend Belief into Knowing


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, June 6, 2024 - 04:00 pm

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful new day. We are so pleased to speak with you again. We are always looking forward to our moments together, where we are able to inspire you, to guide you to allow more of all the good things that are here for you always.

Begin to see who and what you really are

You are a divine being, you are Pure LoveYou are a divine being, you are Pure Love in a physical appearance, you are the magnificence of the Universe itself. And yet, you often don’t see it.

You often think of yourself as a mere human, someone with many faults, bad habits, mistakes, things that you shouldn’t do, or say, or be…

Yet we are here to tell you that all of those thoughts are lies. They come from the ego, your mind, that is trying to keep you where you are, because it’s afraid of the changes that you’re about to experience.

But these changes are inevitable. You have to allow them, to see beyond the limitations, beyond the lack, beyond the separation. In reality there is only Love, there is only Oneness, there is only you!

Because you are the essence of it all. You are the Universe, you are Source, you are it all.

How powerful you are is beyond measure

Do you believe you can walk on water?And we understand that you as a human being think that you are not that powerful, that you cannot walk on water, or split the waters of the sea, that you cannot make fire with your bare hands and no tools, that you cannot move mountains…

We understand how that would physically be impossible for the way you think. We are however telling you that you can do those things.

Not with your mind, not with your muscles, but with your spirit, coming from the love and the knowing that you are that love.

You are a masterful divine being, you are as powerful as it could get, all you have to do is to allow this in. Allow the understanding, allow the belief, allow the knowing…

Allow to go from believing to knowing

Belief in itself isn’t enough. Belief still holds a sense of doubt, although belief is the expectation that what you believe is real.

Yet you’ll have to go beyond belief. Belief has to become a knowing. Allow your beliefs to change.

Allow the beliefs about you being powerful, being Source, being Love, being Divine to turn into the knowing that you are powerful, that you are Source, that you are Love, that you are Divine.

Angels are always there to guide youKnow that there are myriads of angels and spirit guides ready to help and guide you, offering to lead you through anything and everything you’re experiencing on this planet in your physical human life.

Change comes from knowing your True Self

When you begin to transcend your belief into knowing, things will change. Your circumstances will change, your life will change, and your whole world will begin to change.

That is how powerful you are. And it comes from knowing. Deep within you, from your heart, where the knowing is firmly grounded.

It’s not a mind-thing, it’s not just the thoughts; it’s the knowing, the profound knowing of your power, of your truth, of your essence.

Allow the knowing that you definitely are this unique masterful divine being.

What you came here for is happening

You came into this life experience with a mission, a mission to grow and expand. Expanding not just your own consciousness, but also the collective consciousness, the Collective Consciousness of All that Is.

Transcend into the knowing, and you are doing exactly that. You are accomplishing your mission, you are doing what you came here for. And we love you for it.

We love you exactly as you are, for you are the master being that you came here to be.

We love you so much, and we look forward to our next conversation. We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete.

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