Witch’s Awakening: The Power and Magic of My Path

By Lady Tabitha

 Wednesday, 8 November 2023 - 16:00

Someone in my Channeling Circle of Wisdom community wanted to know more, with regards to my witchcraft article, about what makes you a witch.

I wrote a reply, and after posting it I read it to my husband, and we both concluded that this reply in itself was a blog post.

In it I share my journey, from growing up in a very restrictive religion to becoming a witch and a channel.

Where it all started

Jehovah's WitnessesI grew up in the religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses, so everything around wizardry and witches was deemed ‘demonic/satanic’.

But I was always attracted to stories about witches and magic.

Only after I was ‘disfellowshipped’, as JW’s call it, I started my spiritual journey and was curious to learn more about anything.

I started with tarot cards and read about it. I had someone do a reading for me, and that was so spot on, I was blown away by the accuracy, and she was able to say things that she couldn’t have known.

So I continued searching for more information, curious to all kinds of spiritual paths.

Discovering witchcraft

On a fair in 2010, the ‘Elf Fantasy Fair’ in the Netherlands, my daughter and my son’s girlfriend at the time saw a booth with info about witchcraft.

The girlfriend was a Wiccan, and we often talked about witchcraft, and I had started to read books about Wicca and witchcraft.

But I wasn’t drawn to Wicca, there were rules and covens, priests and priestesses… Coming out of a strictly regulated religion, that was the last thing I was looking for!

Goddess image of clayA few years earlier I met a woman who also was a witch, and I did a witchcraft course with her.

We did some ceremonies and she tried to teach me about gods and goddesses, with names and characteristics that I couldn’t remember and that didn’t have my interest at all, so I quit after a few lessons.

That was not what I was looking for, but I had no idea what it was what I wanted, what I was looking for.

First steps onto a new path

Until that day of the fair. My girls put a leaflet in my bag and told me to check it out back home. Which I did that evening.

I read the leaflet, I visited the website, and I read that a new course of a ‘year and a day’, was about to start.

But Margarita*, the teaching witch, wanted to meet with people first, before accepting them.

So there was an introductory afternoon, where potential students could hear from her what the course was all about, and she could look everyone in the eye to see if they were resonating with her.

The moment I stepped into her garden, where the meeting was held, I felt like coming home!

And when I looked Margarita* in the eye, there was an instant soul connection, a deep love and an ancient knowing. This was no accident, I was supposed to be there!

That afternoon I signed up for the course, there were two people that were not accepted, the rest of the group, about 5 or 6 others, started two weeks later.

Things I’ve learned

Dried herbs, to make home made incenseIn the following year we learned to work with herbs, making our own herbal medicines (to this day, I use this knowledge and haven’t been to a doctor ever since!).

We learned chakra healing, we learned divination with runes, working with dowsing rods, pendulums, using crystals, and so much more.

And I learned to channel plants and trees, although the word ‘channeling’ was never used, I had no idea that my communication with plants and trees was channeling!

That year changed my life, and to sum it all up, I learned the power of words, which is actually what ‘magic’ really is: using the power of words, thoughts as well as spoken words.

And that All is One, that everything is connected within the Great All, which I now call Source.

What makes you a witch?

Living in harmony with nature, knowing the power you haveWhen you’re living in harmony with nature, with plants, trees, animals, in the rhythm of the moon, making use of the gifts of Mother Earth and having respect for all things, then practically you’re already a witch.

Many channels in the Sara Landon-community that I’ve met are witches. Some know they are, others don’t. And it doesn’t really matter if someone knows or not.

What matters is how you live your life, that says it all.

Witches have been vilified for centuries, because people didn’t understand them. All of us are so powerful, but most people don’t know.

And when they then meet a person, that knows their power and uses it to perform their magic, the power of their thoughts, intentions, beliefs and words, that makes the ignorant ones uncomfortable.

Now is the time to change that! It’s time for everyone to step into their power, and reclaim the magic that is inherently theirs!

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