1st Time Channeling Archangel Michael, About the New Energy


By Lady Tabitha

 Wednesday, 23 February 2022 - 14:00

During a meditation suddenly archangel Michael approached me. I have never before encountered an archangel, so I was quite surprised that he showed up without warning.

The day after, I thought that if he showed himself to me, maybe he was willing to give me a message. So I prepared myself for a channeling and the following message is what I received.

I asked: What does Archangel Michael want me to know?

Welcome, welcome, dear one, I am more than pleased to see you and to be able to speak with you. Yesterday we had this short connection, which felt really good, and I saw how much it touched you.

You must know that I am always here for you, and you are always comforted in my arms and wings.

You are so loved, child, so loved. All the angels are singing your praise, you have come so far already, and you have so many beautiful things ahead of you. And we will guide you and comfort you when needed, we are always here for you to support you!

Remember that you can call on any of us angels, as well as on your guides. In the spiritual realm there are so many of us that want to be part of your human life, and we enjoy your human experience with everything you do and everything that comes your way in the physical realm.

One day you will see it from our perspective again, when you return to the non-physical world.

Then I asked: Is there more you can tell me?

You are asking about the new energy that started yesterday, right? The energy on the planet is changing, and we are guiding it into the direction of more people awakening, and more people realizing who they really are.

And as soon as people realize that, they will start to put their focus on love, peace, harmony and everything good, for the highest good of all of humanity, and all of your beautiful planet.

Yes, that energy is here and now, and it’s growing bigger. If you could only see what happened yesterday on the 22nd, it was a massive wave of love spreading throughout the universe. You and all of humanity sent a huge wave of love into the atmosphere, physically and energetically.

It was beautiful to be able to see such profound harmony among humans. Even the humans you consider ‘bad’, they were also into this new vibration, and all together you will manifest a better world for all that lives on planet Earth.

Remember to stay in the moment

We know you hear this all the time, and we will keep saying this, until you fully embody being in the moment. You’ll get there, be patient with yourself, don’t beat yourself up for every time that you are in your mind thinking of the past or future.

You will get there, just keep practicing and love yourself, accept all your little ‘flaws’. They aren’t really flaws, they are just your humanness, which is wonderful. One day you will miss that humanness, because it’s so different from your original state of being. So enjoy it while you can, and we on our side enjoy it with you.

Dear child, I will have to leave you now, you have things to do. But remember that I am always here. Whenever you need me, I will comfort you and support you with everything that is in my power. Of course respecting your free will.

So I will say goodbye for now, and I hope to meet with you again very soon. I love you, Source loves you, I am you, and you are me, we and all the angels, guides, energies, fairies, unicorns, everything, plant, animal and human, it’s all one and the same, we are all infinite and we are all Source.

You are God, as are we. And so it is. Goodbye for now.

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Tabitha Daniëlle sign off

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