Channeling a Terrible Headache?


By Lady Tabitha

 Sunday, 19 December 2021 - 16:00

Yesterday I had a terrible headache that lasted from waking up to well in the evening. And then it suddenly disappeared. I wasn’t sure what caused it.

The night before I had two tiny glasses of chocolate cream liquor, and a small piece of carrot cake that we bought at a Christmas market, which contained white flour and sugar, which I don’t eat very often.

But after my headache had disappeared, I decided to drink a small glass of port. I rarely drink, but December is a month in which I like to sometimes have a little alcoholic something when it’s cold outside, and cosy and warm inside in our Christmassy decorated and candlelit house.

And today I woke up again to another headache. So I decided to channel my headache and ask what it want to tell me. I wasn’t really surprised of what came up, but it did make things very clear.

Channeling my headache

Welcome, welcome dear one, we are so pleased that you ask us a question. We know we are hindering you, making you feel sick to your stomach and we are truly sorry. It’s just that whenever you take something in that is toxic, we have to warn you. But you don’t always listen.

Take yesterday, we were prominently there, as you know, and we left when your body was back to its normal state after drinking alcohol. But then, you decided to toxify yourself again, so hello! Here we are again!

We don’t judge you at all, it’s just that your liver can’t handle alcohol very well. It never could, that’s why you didn’t like alcohol. Your body was protected by that dislike. But you pushed through to get used to it by peer pressure, wishing to belong and fit in. Which we get, you were young and easily influenced. It still was not good for you.

So, if you don’t want us in your life, we suggest you skip alcohol, or at least not more than 1 tiny glass a week. Don’t toxify yourself, it’s not good, and we know we can, and have to, become severe if you ignore us. And as you’ve experienced, pills don’t help. They just add more poison to your liver!


At this point I asked them: Can I get to an agreement with you?

Sure you can. Let’s agree that you take no more than one tiny glass of alcohol at a time. Not two ‘because it tastes so good’! And no more than once a week, keep it for a Saturday night. A weekend treat. Then your liver can cope, and we won’t bother you.

And as you also know: stay away from E621 and glucose syrup, they are immediate triggers that we can’t ignore. They call us in to warn you that your body is in danger.

Because that’s all we do, telling you that your body is in danger. We are a huge warning sign that something is off in your body, and usually it’s caused by toxins. Either in your food or drinks, and sometimes by chemicals or air pollution.

We are not here to tease you or to make you feel bad at all. We love you and we want you to be healthy, happy and relaxed, instead of hurting, feeling miserable and sick.

So, we hope this gives you a bit more insight. We will now leave your body, we think you’ve got the message now and we hope that you will think of this little conversation often. We love you, we love you and we wish you nothing but a long prosperous and healthy, headache free life!

And with that we are complete.

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Let me know how you feel about this, in the comments below!

Tabitha Daniëlle sign off

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