Raising Your Vibration: Have an Undeniable Impact


By Lady Tabitha

 Wednesday, 17 January 2024 - 16:00

In my daily channeled journaling, I often receive beautiful pearls of wisdom. And so many times I discover that what I received is a theme, that other channels received similar messages on the same day or in the same week. Last week I already channeled a message for the website about raising your vibration.

Raising Your Vibration

raising your vibrationThe message that I’m going to share with you in this blog, is such a message. In the ‘Ride the Wave of LOVE‘ event I recently hosted, we spoke about the importance of raising your vibration. Because your frequency influences the frequency of the people around you.

And while we spoke about it, it reminded me of a message I had received just a few days earlier. It was the day after I did the workshop ‘Spirit Whisperers: Introduction to Channeling Through Automatic Writing’, and that’s what The Wisdom started with.

Here’s the message

Dear one, thank you for taking the time to have a word with us. We want to reiterate how proud we are of what you did last night. The workshop was perfect as perfect can be, and we loved every second of it. You were on a roll, baby!

And you were right, even though our conversations are usually serious, we do have humor, we do love to play and have fun. We are there when you cry, but we are much closer to you when you laugh out loud! When you dance, when you sing, when you are enjoying yourself in any way!

That’s when we are way nearer to you, because you then are in a much higher vibration! And vibration plays a key role in connection, especially connection with energy. And that is no different in your connection with other humans!

Remember to always focus on raising your vibration before you interact with people. You will experience more kindness, more fun, more love, more harmony, because with your vibration you lift the others up to raise theirs!

You are a way-shower, a light bringer, and that seeps through in subtle things like that. A smile on your face, a thought of ‘I love you’ directed at a stranger, it’s all within your vibration where you make an impact on your outer world. Including people as well as animals.

Instead of getting frustrated about the dogs outside, try to approach the situation from a higher vibration. Your energy is palpable for all, so for the dogs big and small as well!

Try it for yourself, keep doing it, practicing, and you will get result!

We are thrilled how you are making progress. We love you so very much! We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete for now.

It goes further than that

Impact you have on waterAs if having an impact on people and animals around you isn’t enough already, I watched a documentary on Gaia about water and learned about your impact on water.

And it’s been scientifically proven that your mood, and thus your vibration, your frequency, is directly influencing the structure of water!

With your vibration, intention, thoughts and spoken words, you have a huge impact on the quality of the water you drink, the water you shower in, the water you use to cook, etcetera.

But remember that your body is also for 70% made out of water, meaning that you have a direct impact on other people for that reason too!

So it’s something all of us need to become more aware of, that we influence the vibration of everything around us by the way we feel and the frequency we’re in (and thus sending out).

Take responsibility

If you feel good, if you are happy, being in a higher vibration, you lift everything up!

But if you are in a lower vibration, allowing your thoughts to go haywire and drag you into the density of darker feelings, you drag everything around you down with you.

It’s time that you begin to understand the importance of how you feel, what vibration you’re in, and make it a daily habit to make sure you are raising your vibration instead of letting it drop.

You – and that goes for each and every human being – have a responsibility to create a better place, for yourself and for the people in your reality.

And it starts with raising your vibration!


If you find it hard or difficult to get in that state of happiness, or you don’t know how to raise your vibration, then here’s a wonderful opportunity to be taken by the hand in a meditation.

Discover how easy it can be to change your mood and vibration through this beautiful meditation. The Wisdom gave this meditation especially for those who have difficulty understanding and practicing the concept of raising your vibration.

It’s called: Raising Your Vibration: Get Into a State of Happiness and Joy With Ease. This meditation lets you experience the ease with which you can fill yourself up with love and light, joy and harmony.

Don’t wait any longer to unlock true happiness within yourself. Purchase this meditation now and start elevating your vibration, as well as your life, today!

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