Raise Your Vibration: Get Into a State of Happiness and Joy With Ease

This is a channeled guided meditation that was brought through by The Wisdom.

In today’s fast-paced world, the quest to get into a state of happiness and genuine inner peace can often seem like a distant dream.

This meditation offers a transformative path to an inner sanctuary of joy and serenity that is waiting to be uncovered within you.

‘Raise Your Vibration’ provides a unique opportunity to journey beyond the everyday stress and connect with the joyous parts of yourself that may have been overshadowed by life’s challenges.

Under the nurturing guidance of The Wisdom and Lady Tabitha Daniëlle, you’ll learn to let go of dense emotions such as sadness, grief, and anger, opening up to a world of positive transformation.

From your head into your heart

You will be guided gently from the busy chatter of your mind to the tranquil expanses of your heart.

This meditation is designed for everyone, regardless of your current emotional state, gently leading from any starting point to a place of light and love.

The beauty of this meditation lies in its ability to be both simple and profound.

No prior experience in meditation is needed, just a willingness to delve into the depths of your inner world.

Back into a state of happiness

Listen regularly and each session promises to leave you feeling more connected to your inner self, connected again with your perpetual inner state of happiness.

Whether you’re seeking solace from the frenetic energy of daily life or you’re on a path to deeper self-discovery and joy, ‘Raising Your Vibration: Discover Your Inner Joy and Happiness’ is an essential guide.

It’s not just about finding relaxation; it’s about discovering and nurturing the joy that has always resided within you.

Start this journey today and immerse yourself in a world where joy, love, and a state of happiness are tangible experiences, ready to be embraced and lived every day.

Audio Example

Full Meditation Duration: 25:04 minutes.

Safety Note: For your well-being, please ensure you engage with this meditation in a safe, stationary environment. It is not suitable for listening while operating machinery, driving, or in any situation where your full attention is required for safety.

For personal use only, not to be shared or redistributed.

Download this meditation and discover how you can easily get into a state of feeling happy and joyful
What people say about this...
What a relaxing meditation! I listened to this for the last few evenings before bed. It helped calm all those thoughts in my head and



  • Enhanced Mood and Emotional State
Whatever you're feeling, this meditation takes you by the hand and leads you to a happier, more joyful place so you are better equipped to handle whatever is going on in your life
  • Increased Inner Peace
No matter what is going on in your life, you feel lighter and more peaceful through the guidance of this meditation. Become balanced and self-aware, creating a more harmonious life and reality
  • Improved Relationships
Raise your vibration and radiate positivity. Contact with family and friends improves, is warmer, more loving and harmonious. Your inner happiness opens the door to more fun and good times together
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