What If Your Judgment Turns Your Adventure Into a Nightmare?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, December 16, 2021 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome dear one, on this new day that will again be full of adventures. And adventures can be little things, or very big things. Everything you experience in your earthly life, can be seen as an adventure. The getting up in the morning, eating breakfast, go to work, or do the things at home that you’ve planned for the day. Even breathing itself can be an adventure, if you like to experience it that way.

What we’re saying here, is that it’s important to be in the moment, and to enjoy every breath. If you only knew how many processes are set in motion in your body with each breath you take, you would be even more amazed at your body.

You are what you eat

The complexity of your body is special, and it’s even more special how many people think this is ‘normal’. But it’s not that common, when you consider how complex a human body is.

alchemyEvery cell in your body is fed from every bite you eat, every breath you take, every sip of water or whatever you drink. In that sense, you as a human being are a true alchemist, because you convert what you eat into… you!

The saying ‘you are what you eat’ contains more truth than you can imagine. When you eat an apple, within a few hours it’s a physical part of you. The apple is dissected, which already starts with chewing. And through your gastrointestinal system, every bit of the apple that can be absorbed, is completely processed. And only that which can serve no purpose is excreted.

How ingenious! You only seldom think about it, do you?

Be conscious of what you put in your body

We on this side are free of judgment, so we will never judge you for what you put into your body, in any way. Some enjoy a glass of wine at dinner, others drink liters of beer during the weekend. Or they smoke, or use drugs like marijuana or ecstasy. It doesn’t matter what you use or whether you use.

We do want to warn you that whatever you put in your body, you do it consciously. Be conscious of what you eat, drink, or use in any way. And appreciate your body for it.

Give it the necessary love and appreciation, to do what it’s designed for every second of your life: nourish your cells, keep your organs functioning, and make every process involved run as smoothly as possible.

Experience the adventure in your physical body

roller coaster cartYour body is your biggest adventure in your physical life! Your body is in fact your vehicle, your roller coaster cart, in which you go through this physical life, so maintain it well. Maintain it from being conscious, that you’re aware of what you do with your body.

Particularly in the situation in which humanity finds itself now, with the vaccinations. We see a lot of resistance to the jabs in many of you. On our side there is no judgment about this. We don’t say ‘the vaccinations are bad’, neither do we say ‘the vaccinations are good’.

We want you to realize that the meaning you give it, the way you view it, determines the value for you. If you accept a jab thinking ‘this is bad for me, but I’ll do it because… fill in the blank’, then the jab will have a different effect on you than on someone who receives it in Light and Love.

You determine the charge something has

judgmentWe realize that for many of you this is very controversial, to think that you yourself are the one determining whether or not a jab is dangerous for your body. But it doesn’t only apply to the jab.

If you overeat on snacks, or drink a lot of soda, or a lot of alcohol, it doesn’t necessarily have to be harmful to you. How you feel and what you think about it is much more important.

And that goes further than just conscious thinking! If you believe on a subconscious level that, for example, coke is bad for you, but you drink a lot of it on a daily, it will have a disastrous effect on your body. If you don’t have that subconscious judgment, you just like the taste without judging it either as good or bad, then it won’t affect your physical constitution.

Judging is dangerous for you

damageSo be well aware how you think about the things you put in your body. We say that if you have a negative feeling, about whatever you could put in your body, food, beverages, drugs, vaccinations… then it’s better not to.

How you think about things, consciously, but especially subconsciously – and you can register this by how it feels when you think of something – then our advice is: leave it, don’t do it.

Do you now understand why we so often insist on being free of judgment? Your judgment of anything can harm you. We already said it in an earlier message, that you bring in negativity with judgments. Judging is literally harmful to you. And now you might have a better understanding of why that is.

To your health!

adventureWe wish you a long, healthy experience in your human body, and we wish you to enjoy the adventure in this cycle of ‘living as human on Earth’!

We are The Wisdom, and we love you. We love all of humanity and we enjoy all the adventures you experience in your physical appearance.

And with that we are for now complete.

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