Peace and Harmony: Pathways to Inner Quiet

By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, November 16, 2023 - 04:00 pm

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful new day. We are so pleased to speak with you again and we’d like to talk about peace and harmony.

From your human perspective often times you think there is a lack of peace and harmony in the world.

Difference between what you see and what is real

People fightingYou see news items about war, about people getting robbed or about fights in the street. Maybe you are in a relationship with someone, a partner, or a friend or family member, where it feels impossible for you to keep the peace and harmony.

Yet we’re here to tell you otherwise. When you keep looking at the things that in your perspective aren’t harmonious, you’re actually putting attention on that which you don’t want, and the result will be… creating more of that which you don’t want!

Now, as you change your perspective, shift your focus, you will be able to see the abundance and overflow of peace and harmony there truly is in the world.

Peace and harmony is all around

And we know that many of you see that already.

When you watch videos on the internet, of animals that are in the human mind ‘predator and prey’ playing together, or when you see people helping each other out when there’s a problem, or people helping and rescuing animals.

Those are all forms of harmony. Examples of living together in peace and harmony, all inhabiting this Earth in co-creation.

But what else is there, besides looking outside of you to find peace and harmony?

Look within

As you know, we always encourage you to go within. Find the love that you are inside you, find the peace of mind inside you. It’s all there, you’re just looking at the wrong place if you can’t seem to find it.

The same happens with harmony. The harmony you seek, the peace, it’s all within you.

But you can only attain that peace and harmony when you have your mind silenced. The chatter of your mind, the continuous judging of everything around you, or if you don’t like the word judging then let’s call it ‘labeling’.

PigeonholesYou are constantly labeling everything you register with your senses, putting it in boxes, pigeonholing it.

‘This is good, that is bad’, ‘I don’t like this’, ‘why are they doing it that way, it would be better to do it this way’… Those are all forms of labeling, giving a meaning and judging that which you experience with your senses.

Exactly that is what’s keeping you from experiencing harmony, away from peace.

Quiet your mind

When you stop doing that, when you begin to accept everything as perfectly orchestrated for your benefit, no matter what it is, then you will begin to find the quiet of your mind.

The chatter will lessen more and more, and eventually, when you experience something, you will have no thoughts at all; you’ll simply accept and allow it for what it is.

You’ll come from a neutral position, while your mind will still function in the way it’s supposed to. To keep you safe when there’s danger.

But there’s no need for it to constantly meddle in your life telling you what is right or wrong.

Peace and harmony come from within, and it starts with putting an end to the labeling and the judging.

Be in charge of your mind

If you manage to do that, and it’s not as hard as you would think, you’ll literally find peace of mind. It’s a matter of catching yourself when your mind intrudes with unasked labels, and then and there, telling it to stop.

Training of a dog compares to training your mindIt’s like training a dog. If a dog experiences something three or four times, that can be enough to install a new behavior, whatever behavior that is.

The same is true for your human mind. It may need a few more corrections than just three or four, but after a few strict warnings to back off, it will stop doing what it’s doing, it will stop filling your mind with constant labels about everything.

And when the mind is at peace, you will begin to see the harmony that is actually there! You will create more of it, because your focus will turn to it more and more.

And what you focus on, you create more of.

So, dear human, there you go. Peace and harmony is always attainable, it’s always with you, because it’s coming from within you.

We hope this helps you to create more love, peace and harmony in your life.

We love you, we love you, we love you so much.

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete.

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