Your Uniqueness: Ignite the Extraordinary Value of Being You

By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, November 21, 2023 - 04:00 pm

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful day indeed. We are so pleased to speak with you again, and we’d like to talk with you about your uniqueness. As you know, you are unique.

There is no other person that is exactly like you.

You are so alike other people, or not?

But you may think to yourself that there are many people having similar experiences like you.

doppelganger, lookalikesSome would argue that every person on the planet has a doppelganger, someone not related yet looking exactly the same.

And most of you will recognize a feeling of wanting to be like other people.

You have been programmed all your life to fit in. To be like others. To work as a ‘team’, so you would have to adjust to the needs and wants and qualifications of the team, in whatever field that may be.

It may have started when you first went to school. As a young child, you learned to repeat aloud the things the teacher was saying, together with the other children.

When you were learning and memorizing multiplying, for most of you classroom recitation of times tables was a daily exercise.

You were trained to answer as one voice. And your brain picked up quickly that you had to be and sound like the other children. And you happily adapted.

Well, most of you did.

Exceptions to the rules

There were always a few children that didn’t adapt so easily. They were having too much fun, so they tended to disturb classes, for fun. Make other children laugh.

Others just sat quietly in a corner, looking outside the window dreaming about other worlds, fairy tales, trying to escape from having to be a certain way.

Trying to escape the expectations.

Usually there was a punishment for either of those behaviors, aiming to keep everyone within the confinement of the school regulations.

Continuous programming, losing of your uniqueness

Learning and adjusting to the expectations placed on you in schoolBut then you went to a different school, middle school or high school, and you learned to think what was expected of you. If only for a while, to be able to pass the exams you were given.

And after school most of you started working in a job.

Surrounded by other people that were working, you had to do what you were told to do, and you did it, because you wanted to earn some money.

What we are wanting to make clear here, is that nearly every single person that will be reading this or hearing this, will have been programmed to adapt, to adjust, to become more and more like everyone else.

You are influenced by fashion, by social ‘rules’, and even though you have always had your uniqueness, your unique qualities, your talents, your preferences, you were blending into what society expected from you.

You lost track of your uniqueness, you lost touch with who you really are, because you became someone that would fit in with the rest of the world.

How to connect again with your uniqueness?

So here you are now. An adult, living a life that you find hard at times. At times it feels as if you’re living somebody else’s life.

It’s not the life that you dreamed of when you were a young child, where you had all these ideas, and dreams, and wishes for when you would grow up.

You have been molded into someone that fits in with the rest of your society.

Now, what do you do when you have adjusted so much, that you feel you’ve lost your uniqueness? Here’s the thing: you haven’t lost it, you just lost sight of it.

It’s time to rediscover what makes you unique. What is it in you that forms the uniqueness of being you? Because, as we said, there is no one like you.

What makes you unique and stand out

memoriesWhat you have been through, all the memories you’ve collected, every experience you’ve had, people you’ve met, things you’ve done, things you’ve said, things you’ve learned, all of that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Combine that with your talents and skills, beliefs and ideas, and not to mention your physical appearance, which is also unique in every way… that is a recipe for a totally unique person.

And that person is you. Nobody has ever been compiled the way you are, in any way, shape or form!

No human that has ever lived was exactly like you. And we assure you, there never will be another one that is exactly like you.

And with your uniqueness, you have contributed to the collective Consciousness, adding to the wisdom of All That Is.

Everything you’ve experienced with all your senses, everything you’ve learned, everything you’ve accepted as a belief, expanded the collective Consciousness, has contributed to it.

And nobody can ever contribute to the collective Consciousness the way you do!

Your value and your power are beyond comprehension

Do you have any idea how valuable that makes you, seen from our side? Do you have any idea what your uniqueness means to the Universe?

You are a powerful, divine, spiritual being that took it upon you to enter into the physical realm, to live as a human being, and you have been instrumental in the expansion of the Universe.

Not just your personal expansion, but the expansion of the wisdom, the knowledge, the experiences of the whole of the Universe!

Each and everyone of you is so powerful in your own uniqueness, such an asset to the Universe!

So when you realize that, it may be easier for you to step into your uniqueness, to rediscover who you really are, what your values are, what you likes and dislikes are, your skills and talents, and embrace that!

Learn to live and experience as the real unique you

Free yourself, don't try to fit in, just be you!Get out of that predefined idea of who and how you should be to fit it.

There are many people that have already stepped out, that are no longer willing to be like everyone else, that have discovered that there is more fun to experience.

Life gets way more interesting when you are embracing your uniqueness instead of blending in and adjusting to fit in!

Love yourself, love your uniqueness, love the one-and-only that you are. There is no second you, there never has been and there never will be!

You are unique in every possible way, and that is how you were supposed to be.

Now is the time to step back into that, and begin to look at those dreams you had as a child, and see what dreams still fit you.

It may be time to start following your dreams, and live a life that is unique, coming from the uniqueness of your being, in alignment with your soul, living a life that is crafted by you and for you.

We are you, you are us

We hope and we think this is confirmation of something you’ve known all along, deep down. Allow yourself to be fully you, in every aspect. We love you, we love you, we love you.

We are The Wisdom, or in other words the Collective Consciousness of All That Is. Do you see now, do you get it, how it’s true that we are you and you are us?

You’ve been contributing to us, to you, with everything you have always been and done, said and felt. We’re one!

And with that, dear human, we are complete.

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