How Kindness Can Change Your World


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, November 10, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful day indeed. We are so pleased to be with you again, to speak about the topic of kindness.

Kindness is something that is underrated by many humans, they feel that it’s something that is not necessary to maintain, that it’s something that’s innate to humans. But is it really?

A world without kindness?

negative view of the worldMany people have lost their kindness, and replaced it with judgment, judging others harshly, especially in the digital world you are all living in at this time, commenting and reacting online to one another.

Many people have lost their kindness towards their fellow humans, lost their kindness to animals, their kindness to nature. And that has grown a society that for many people is a hard one to live in.

A world that is lacking empathy, lacking care for each other, and many people have become self-centered, egotistic, greedy, or even narcissistic or psychopathic.

Isn’t that how many of you view the world?

Kindness ripples out

Well, let’s turn this around and look at it from a different angle. When you look at the world, and view it as we described above, you are doing yourself wrong, you are cutting yourself short. Because kindness is available and readily so, for all of you. You just have to begin with being kind yourself!

When was the last time you showed kindness to a stranger? A random person you saw on the streets, or in a store, in the bus or train, or passing you in a car?

It’s so easy to be unkind, but the gain of kindness is so much bigger than you can imagine. Just a simple smile, a wave to a child, a simple ‘hello’ to someone walking past you… those are the simplest ways to show kindness to other people, and when you start doing that, you’ll begin to see the ripple effect in a very short time.

What you give, you’ll get reflected back

spread kindness around youYou see, you create your world, as we’ve said many times before. So when you go about your day being kind, smiling to others, sending love to other people, to situations, to things even, then that kindness will be reflected back to you.

Have you ever noticed, that when you walk in a shop smiling, the people that you encounter have more smiles on their faces than when you walk in that same store with a gloomy or even grumpy face?

People subconsciously sense your energy. When your energy is loving and kind, that is what they feel, and receive, and they can’t help themselves but send that same vibration back to you. You touch people’s lives with kindness, no matter how simple or how small your acts are!

So, stop thinking those negative thoughts that the world has lost kindness, that it’s a bad place, where humanity has fallen into despicable behavior. Those kinds of generalizations are hurting you more than you think, and it’s creating a world that’s bad for you, your health and your sanity.

If you put kindness into the world, kindness is what you’ll get reflected back. In more ways than you can now think of!

Are you in for a challenge?

Show 10 acts of kindness a dayVery well then, here’s our challenge: start doing ten acts of kindness each day, for a week. Ten times a day you say something kind, you do something kind, smile at people, help someone that needs help, maybe buy food for someone that can’t pay for food, pay gas for someone that needs it but can’t afford it.

Maybe you can visit or make a phone call to some elderly people that are lonely. You can come up with so many ways to show kindness.

And it doesn’t have to be something financial, or something material. Just a smile, or a kind word, can work miracles. So ten times a day, for seven days in a row, and look out for the magic that will unfold in your own life.

Kindness and being gentle and generous, hasn’t lost its power, it’s only growing bigger and bolder, the more you practice it.

Start creating miracles

You are the creator of your world, of your environment, of the people that live in your world. If you start putting good into it, you’ll start seeing good come out of it. It’s a law, an undeniable law.

We love you dear human, and we look forward to seeing the miracles in your life unfold!

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete.

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