Go Into the Sixth Dimension of True Creation


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, November 24, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this wonderful new day indeed. We are pleased to be able to talk a bit more about the sixth dimension, with which we started a few days ago.

What floating is not

astral travelingWe firstly want you to understand, that what some of you assumed isn’t the case, we are not talking about an out of body experience or astral traveling.

When we talked about floating, we meant that you were imagining yourself floating, not that you would leave your physical body like in an astral travel. No, that is not what we were speaking about.

When we speak of the sixth dimension, we mean the realm of imagination, where you can go within your mind and from your heart.

In fact, it is the space in your heart from where you create your reality. When you imagine things, you see them in front of you, nearly as vividly as when it would be real.

In the sixth dimension you create whatever it is you wish to experience, to realize it in your physical reality.

Manifestation versus deliberate creation

We want you to understand how important this is. Because when you’re living your life from the lower vibrations, from a stance of lack and separation, from ‘cause and effect’, where you have to work and effort and do things in order to manifest things, whatever it is you want, will have that same energy of lack and separation, of limits, of hardship.

third to sixth dimensionWhereas creating from the higher vibration, from a higher frequency, you go from the third dimension, the dimension of lack, limitation and separation, which has been your every day regular state of being for the longest time, into the fourth dimension.

From the fourth dimension, which is the dimension of transition, you go into the fifth dimension, which is a mental state of being in pure love, of raised vibration, knowing that you are all that is, knowing you are a particle of God, knowing that you are God.

And from there you move up into the sixth dimension, the dimension of imagination and creation, where you can create effortless, without having to do much other than see what you want to create already before you, feeling it as if it’s already there, knowing that it already is.

That is what we call ‘remembering your future’, and when you go into that realm, use your imagination, then you’re using it the way it was meant to be used all along.

Use of your mind in the sixth dimension

thinking mindYour mind, your thinking mind, your brain, was never meant to be used as a means of creating misery for yourself or others.

It was never meant to be used for worrying, for struggle, for thoughts of how miserable you feel, or how bad things are. Or for worrying about money, or other things you have felt you lack.

No, the true purpose of that thinking mind you have, is to go into the sixth dimension, where you are able to create purposely whatever it is you want to experience, including solutions for challenges.

If you go there, from the higher vibration of the fifth dimension, from your heart, you will begin to see what your true power is.

You will start to experience the power of your mind, and sayings as ‘mind over matter’ will undeniably have more meaning to you, because that is what you’re going to experience.

Live as the Master Creator you are

create in the sixth dimensionSo let this sink in, and don’t immediately brush it off as ‘new age nonsense’. Well, we don’t judge it if you do, you have every right to think of it as you want. We just wish you will give it more thought than that and try it for yourself.

Raise your vibration, and visualize, imagine, the world, your life, exactly as you wish it to be. You are a Master Creator, remember that we’ve told you that? So, it’s up to you to start living consciously as one.

We love you dear human, and whenever you need us, we’re here. We are you, you are us.

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete.

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