The 6th Dimension: How to Unleash Your Unlimited Creativity?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, February 9, 2023 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful new day. We are so happy to be with you again, and we’d like to speak about truth as well as the 6th dimension.

Subjectivity of truth

Now, we know we’ve spoken about this earlier, but we would like to give some more depth to the earlier things we’ve told you.

truth is subjectiveWe know that truth for you is something that’s subjective. Everyone has their own truth, everyone has their own views on matters, everyone sees the world in their own specific ways, based on their beliefs, their programming, their opinions and their past experiences.

And all of that is perfect, there is no right or wrong here.

So, what then is to be said about truth, if everyone has their own?

Talk about truth

Well, there are certain truths out there that are indisputable. Truths that stand the test of time, no matter what happens on Earth, or in the Universe.

There are truths that are so powerful, so strong, and so valuable for every creature, every sentient being, whether physical or spiritual, that they need to be spoken.

One of these truths is that you are the creator of your world.

Another of these truths is that there is a spiritual realm where so many other beings are living, that you cannot even fathom their richness in variety, shapes and sizes.

So, we’d like to talk a little bit about the 6th dimension.

The 6th dimension is a place where you create in thought, in your mind. It’s a dimension that plays with physical form, but in the non-physical.

What exactly is the 6th dimension?

The 6th dimension is a place in your being, where you alter your world from a heightened state of mind, from a higher frequency, from a higher vibration, from playfulness.

Realm of fantasyThere you go when your mind wanders off. There you go when you visualize, there you go when you daydream.

It’s the place in your mind where you go when you think of things that could happen, or things that you want to happen.

It is the realm of imagination, the realm of fantasy, the realm of make-believe. And there is nothing ‘untrue’ there.

Everything is possible, everything is available to you.

In the 6th dimension you can create anything you want.

Creation with your heart, with emotion

And the fun thing is, that when you do it with your heart, with being in the highest possible state of being, in the highest vibration, with your emotions added to it, you will most likely create that which you’ve imagined.

You’ll be manifesting into form, in your physical reality, what you’ve imagined in the 6th dimension, into your heaven on Earth, into your own creation of your world.

You will see it coming to fruition, you will experience the things you’ve imagined for real, in your physical form, in your human life.

Riding dragons?

Now, we’re not saying that you will be able to literally ride dragons, if that’s something you’ve imagined and wholeheartedly trying to create.

dragonsAlthough there are ways to still experience that. For instance in 3D-movies, like the movie Avatar, where similar experiences are portrayed.

You can experience things that are like this with VR-games. But then there is the question whether or not you really would want to experience dragons in your physical reality.

We are neither saying that it’s impossible to experience a ride on a dragon. There are realms of existence where these are a reality, and you could get yourself into such realms through the 6th dimension.

Understand the Truth of You

We are merely saying that the Truth of the 6th dimension is, that you are limitless.

You have power, you are a creator, a powerful, divine, limitless creator.

And from that stance, you are able to make up, come up with, imagine, play with, fantasize situations, things, creatures, that are whatever you want them to be, to look like, to feel like.

So, stop thinking of yourself as limited, not creative enough, not brave enough, or whatever label you’ve put on yourself.

Just step out of your shell, and embody that spiritual being, that powerful spiritual being that you in reality are, and begin to see the world through your own eyes, in the best, most exciting way you could ever imagine.

That is the way to create the world you want to live in.

Go surprise yourself and be playful

And you will be astounded by the things that will actually start to appear in your reality, in your physical reality, with you still in physical human form.

We love you so much, and we invite you to join the army of people that are already doing this, finding the freedom and the peace, the harmony and the love that they have been looking for so eagerly.

It’s already there, it’s waiting for you.

unicornSo, hop on your horse, your dragon, your unicorn, and play with the fairies!

Because you and the whole of humanity, your planet, your world, could use a lot more playfulness.

We love you and we look forward to playing along with you!

We are The Wisdom, and with that, we are complete.

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