Your Destiny, a Work in Progress or Set in Stone?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, September 29, 2022 - 10:00 am

the road to your destinyWelcome, welcome, dear human, on this wonderful day. We’re very happy to be with you again to speak about the topic of destiny. Is everything already set out for your life, or not?

What about your free will? We’ve mentioned it often, that you always have a choice, a free will whether or not to do something. But how does this relate to a destiny?

The role of your Soul

Your Soul is in charge of your life. Your Soul knows exactly what it wants to experience, and it’s guiding you into whatever experiences it is looking for to have.

So, in a way, your destiny is already known, the road is already paved towards that destiny, by your Soul. But it’s not set in stone!

Your Soul leaves you the freedom to make your own choices, and it has given you the leeway to take steps and follow your feelings to see what happens and where you will go in life.

This is not an easy subject to explain or for you to understand. Because there are so many things involved with how you live your life.

Past programming

You know by now, that the main part of your life you are going through it, from mental and emotional programming. You’ve been programmed by the things you’ve experienced in the past.

So you act and react based on the things that are installed inside your subconscious mind.

Your reactions to people, places and situations are based on your past, on earlier experiences with similar people, places and situations, and automatically your brain will trigger the hormones and impulses that are based on the past.

you can make choicesSo in order to get to your destiny, the destiny that your Soul is wanting for you, you will be able to make different choices.

For some people their destiny is exactly where they’re heading at right now, and for others their destiny is still more or less an open book.

Your Soul gives you the space to experiment, to discover along the way.

So your outcome, where you will end up in life, what your exact destiny will be, isn’t a given, it has wiggle space, for you as a human to follow your own path, to see where you will end up going.

No coincidence

Does that mean that there is no destiny? That everything you experience is random, accidental, coincidental? Not at all.

Although you do have free will, and the opportunity to follow your own path, your Soul is always in charge. You will never go somewhere that your Soul isn’t willing to go.

So it will never let you get a feeling of wanting something where it doesn’t want you to go. Does this mean then, that you are not free to chose after all? No, it doesn’t.

An example to explain

Let us explain it with the example of a dog. The dog and its owner are a team, as are you as a human and your Soul. Your Soul is the owner, and you are the dog. We mean no disrespect, it’s just as an example.

When a dog is on the leash, it hasn’t got much room to go wherever it wants to, it’s bound to stay within the range of the leash. The destiny where it’s going, is set by the one holding the leash, the owner.

dog off the leashWhen the dog is let off the leash, it can run away, do whatever it wants. But if a dog is attached to its owner, it will not go too far away, it will stay within reach of the owner, knowing that the owner is their supplier for safety, food, shelter and love.

That is what we mean that you have a choice, and a free will, but your Soul still being in charge. You will never go too far away from your Soul.

You know deep inside of you, what your Soul wants for you, you have experienced its guidance all of your life, subconsciously, and you always will.

But still you have the freedom to go left or right, and in the end, you will always end up following your Soul’s directions!

Who determines your destiny?

So, your destiny is the destiny your Soul wants for your human life. You get the experiences it wants you to have, like a dog owner going to the beach, to have their dog enjoy running into the water, playing fetch, running through the sand and playing with other dogs.

Your Soul enjoys everything you as a human are experiencing, it’s living through your eyes, your senses, to feel what it’s like to be a human being, to experience life in physical form.

But in the end, it decides how much freedom you have to go wherever you want to go, and you have a choice how much freedom you want to take, like the dog off the leash.

We hope this has given you a bit more insight in this subject, and we look forward to telling you more about things that are of interest to you, around the physical and non-physical realms.

We love you, we love you, we love you!

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete.

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