Human, Soul, Consciousness and Free Will: Who Is in Control of Your Life?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, May 9, 2023 - 10:00 am

The following message is part two of a diptych (see below for link to part one). The message that came through was so long and going in depth, that it had to be cut in two parts. It began with a question about physical ailments and illness, now it continues, going from free will to your soul and your connection to Consciousness…

And if you’re wondering: ‘but you said earlier that I chose this experience. Doesn’t that mean that I have to have this illness or ailment? Doesn’t that mean that I need to go through it all the way, until whatever happens as a result?’ Our answer is: no, you have free will.

You came with a planYou came here with a plan, but you’re not bound to that plan, you are allowed to change your plan. Even your Soul changes plan often, because new experiences and new choices arise.

So, because of your free will, because of your ability to choose new experiences, explore new ideas, new possibilities for your life, change your direction, you can and you are allowed to do that.

Human and soul in perfect synergy

Your soul is not some external harsh dictator, pushing and forcing things onto you, no, your soul is you. It is the most loving, kind, gentle part of you.

And you as a human are in constant communication with your soul, even if you don’t know it, even if you don’t physically feel or experience that communication.

You as a human and your soul are one being. It’s like your fingers, they’re part of your hand, they’re not separate from your hand. Your hand and your fingers are one. You see?

So is your human an integral part of your soul, it’s not separated, it’s not someone else or something else. It’s you, in the most powerful way you could ever imagine.

So when your human part decides ‘I don’t like this experience anymore’ and you want to have a different experience, like a child in a playground, running from the swing to the seesaw, from the sandbox to the climbing rack… you are allowed to change your desires.

You are allowed to bring in new desires, because whenever you do, it’s your soul coming along with you. In fact, it might even be your soul part that is guiding you to a new experience.

It’s a constant cooperation between your human and your soul.

The bigger picture

If you want to experience illness, as your soul part, it’s because every person is unique and every experience of illness, ailment or disease is unique. Your migraine, is not the same as anyone else’s migraine.

Your fibromyalgia is not the same as anyone else’s, therefore there are so many people experiencing what seem to be the same diseases, but everyone is experiencing it in their own unique way.

expansion of ConsciousnessAnd that is Consciousness exploring every possible option, every possible outcome and expanding from it.

Because Consciousness is the sum of all of your souls, and all of your humans. You understand? All you are doing in your physical life, is exploring all the options as part of Consciousness.

It’s the expression of Consciousness in a physical world that isn’t real, but only feels real from your human perspective. And every experience you have is an addition, an expansion, of Consciousness. That is the whole reason you are here.

That is the reason why you chose to be here in the first place, to contribute, to experience, to expand Consciousness.

Consciousness and you: the world is your oyster

So if you want to change anything at all in your human experience, you can, you are allowed to, and together with your soul as a part of Consciousness, you are always able to change direction.

The only thing you need for that is your vibrational frequency, your thoughts, your feelings, and the beliefs you hold. Get rid of all those limiting beliefs you have. Get rid of all those ideas that you think are set in stone.

Nothing is set in stone, because everything is like clay, it gets its form by you kneading it with your vibration, your thoughts and your beliefs. You are able to change your reality, by the meaning you give to anything and everything in your so called reality.

You are a VIP in the Universe!

We hope this will give you more insight in how your world functions, and your place in it. You are an important being, you are far more important than you have ever thought yourself to be!

Very Important PersonLook at yourself as a Very Important Person in the vastness of the Universe, with exquisite privileges, experiencing a magical world that you can create, form, shape and re-create.

Because you are not only your human, you are also your soul, and you are Consciousness, God, Source and All that Is!

You are powerful, more powerful than you’ve ever known, and you are magical, so it’s time to start playing your magic more. You can do it, you got this!

We love you so much, dear human, you have no idea how loved you are.

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete.

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