How Can Disease and Physical Ailments Be Cured With Your Mind?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, May 4, 2023 - 10:00 am

The following message is part one of a diptych. The message that came through was so long and going in depth, that it had to be cut in two parts. It started with the question “What can you tell us about having physical issues, like infections, pains, aches, migraines, disease etc. How can we cure those things? Can we cure them without medical intervention?”.

disease and physical ailmentsWelcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful day indeed. We are so happy to be with you again, and we’ve heard your question and will answer what you can do when you’re having a disease, physical ailments or pains.

We know that many of you are having physical troubles in many ways, shapes and forms.

Some suffer from migraines, or have issues like hurting joints, or problems with their stomach, intestines or heart. Others have more severe issues, like cancer or Parkinson’s disease.

There can be many things that can go wrong in your body that cause you worries, stress and pain.

How real is reality?

So we will give you our perspective, from a non-physical point of view.

We understand that you experience your body as real, as something very solid and tangible. We get that.

But you are living in a holographic universe; your world, even your body, is an illusion. It’s meant for you to feel as if it’s real, because otherwise the whole journey into your physical reality would be pointless.

You wanted to go into the hologram, to experience whatever you wanted to experience that you couldn’t outside of it. You understand?

So, now you’re in this holographic reality, thinking it’s all real, thinking it’s all set in stone, and that it’s so hard to change anything, because of the hard solid facts that you think are in place.

Well, when you encounter disease, pains, physical issues, you most likely wanted to have that experience. You know that everything is happening for you, and most experiences you’re dealing with, are put there for you to have the experience, according to the plan you set out before you entered this physicality.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t change it. You can! And it ‘s easier than you think.

How to change your reality

With your mind, your vibrational frequency, as we spoke about in our previous message, you can alter anything in your reality, that includes your body!

hospital, doctorSo how do you do that? How can you change your body when you’re being diagnosed with cancer? Or with some other illness or disease? How can you treat your body differently than what your 3D-focused doctors are telling you?

To do that, you have to go to a different mental and vibrational state. You have to step out of your ‘physically focused’ thinking. You have to stop thinking of an undesired outcome.

What many of you do when you’re ill, is keeping busy thinking about the worst things that could happen.

In case of cancer, you tend to think a lot about dying, you tend to think about painful treatments, and you worry, because you fear them! That is never going to help you!

Get in alignment with your soul

Get out of the fear, get back into your power, into the knowing that it’s all a holographic experience, that you’re always safe, no matter how it looks for your human perspective, and get into alignment with your soul.

Your soul can take control of anything you want to achieve, have or do.

If you are in alignment with your soul, which quite specifically means to be in alignment with love, with joy, with happiness, with excitement, with trusting, you will get in a better physical state.

Get out of the fear, it’s never helping you and it will only create a reality that will make you even more scared. Instead think of the best outcome you can imagine.

Think thoughts of you being healthy, and not just thinking, but see it in your mind’s eye, see it as if it’s already there, as if it’s already manifested and feel the excitement, feel the joy of that moment when you know, deeply and thoroughly know, that you are healthy, whole and complete!

Be consistent in feeling and seeing yourself healthy

That is the way to health. Seeing it, feeling it, experiencing it, even if your physical body and physical senses are telling you it’s not yet so.

see yourself already healthyThe fact that you are coming from a state of joy and love, focused on the very best outcome, feeling it as if it’s already accomplished, will do the trick for any illness, for any physical inconvenience, it’ll work for every disease.

The only hurdle you have in front of you, is not your disease or ache: it’s being consistent in those thoughts. You have to be consistent, persistent.

It’s not working if you do it just once and then go back into your old habits of doomsday thinking. No, you have to train yourself.

Train yourself to be consistent in aligning your vibrational frequency, in aligning your thoughts to your highest and most loving expression of yourself.

Consistency is key, and then, really, you are able to move mountains! You are able to cure anything that seems off in your body.

End of part 1. Link to part two is below.

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