When Traveling Becomes a Journey of Courage and Growth


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, January 11, 2024 - 04:00 pm

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful new day indeed. We are so pleased to speak with you again and we’d like to talk about traveling.

You started out traveling… to Earth

You started traveling to EarthWe see many of you wishing to travel. You would like to do more traveling, going to other places, seeing and experiencing different cultures, countries, food, smells and sounds.

And we understand that, because it’s the reason why you ‘traveled’ to planet Earth. To experience as much as possible of what it’s like to live as a human being on this tiny planet in the cosmos.

So you want to explore further, see more of your planet.

What is your reason?

Some of you even would want to go traveling outside of the planet. Further into the expansiveness of the universe, traveling to the moon, to Mars, to any place where human life would be possible.

And there are people working on realizing that as an option.

So while we understand all of that, we would like to dive a bit deeper into the how and why of that wish, that yearning, that longing to go some place else.

Usually it’s about curiosity, wanting to experience certain things.

For some though, it comes from not being happy with where they are. Are you happy with where you are?

Or do you long to move around, so you don’t have to experience what you are experiencing right now?

When challenges arise

Are you trying to hide away from challenges?It could be that you are facing challenges, that make you feel uncomfortable. You would rather hide from it or be somewhere else to ‘dodge the bullet’, so to speak.

If this is you, you might want to read on, because we want you to understand that running away from challenges isn’t ever going to help you.

When you go away, traveling anywhere else, you are taking your mind with you. You are taking every challenge – as well as every opportunity, we might add – with you.

So there is nothing wrong with traveling and moving around, or going anywhere else.

We just want you to be aware that if you’re urge for traveling is coming from a desire to flee, you might want to reconsider.

There’s no running from your own creations

Whatever it is you’re facing, is something you’ve created. It may be that you and/or your soul have planned something, or you’ve been focusing on certain things that will come to fruition.

No matter how it came about, it’s part of what you created to experience for yourself.

So if you start traveling, running from whatever it is, you will take your thoughts with you.

And if it’s an experience you’ve planned before you came to the planet, or if it’s something your Soul desires to experience while you’re in physical form, there is no running away from it.

You could travel light-years away, and you would still experience what you’re trying to run away from.

Intentions and motivations

Is curiosity your motive?So before you go on a trip to broaden your horizon, make sure you are fully aware of your deeper intentions.

Why are you traveling, what is your motivation? Ask yourself, dare to look inside of you: what thoughts are there, what is it that makes you want to leave where you are right now?

When it’s all about curiosity, wanting to experience new things, and you are fully content and happy with where you are right now, then that is the very best place to start a new journey and pack your bags to go.

But if you’re discovering that behind your traveling aspirations is discontent, unhappiness, fear, or any other dense thoughts and emotions, you might want to reconsider and get back into your power first.

Step back into your power

Know that everything that happens, is always happening for you. So whatever you’re facing, there is always a reason and a solution, right in front of you.

No challenge comes without solution. The solution is usually in the midst of the challenge.

And the challenge is always there to make you stronger, to show you your power, to make you aware of what you are really capable of.

Running away from challenges will assure that the challenges will keep showing up, because you haven’t found your power, you’re running away from it!

you are powerful, dare to look the 'lion', the issue, in the eyesAs soon as you are daring to face your fears, face whatever it is you are trying to avoid, look the ‘lion’ in the eyes and stand tall, you will feel a freedom you weren’t aware of before.

When you feel your power, when you feel strong, you will know if traveling is still what you want.

And if that’s the case, you will go out and about with a lighter heart, more fun, more joy, creating a wonderful new experience, following your heart instead of running away from things.

We love you, we love you, we love you, and we wish you happy travels, for all the good reasons.

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete.

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